Every coin has two sides and so does the Internet. This virtual world has countless merits and demerits as well. Your private life is no more private as all the information you upload online is shared with a number of people active in the online marketing world. Sometimes you feel to delete yourself from Internet.

But how can you remove yourself from the online world? You have registered yourself at many places; you create many accounts on social media channels and email clients. Moreover, you have downloaded a number of chat clients on your smartphones and tablets. This obviously makes it impossible for you to remember everything including passwords and all.

Thankfully, Swedish developers Wille Dahlbo and Linus Unnebäck have come up with an easy solution to this problem. These developers have created deseat.me, which provides users a solution to clean up their online existence. And that too in a few clicks.

As per this solution, users can get a list of all the accounts and services they created online. Once you log in with your Google mail, deseat.me matches the direct delete link of your accounts; moreover, it also gives you instructions about how you can delete your account forever.

Deseat.me takes enough care of your privacy and data, and therefore, this website uses Google’s OAuth protocol, which doesn’t give them an access to your log-in information. The developers have intentionally built this program to run on your computer so that your privacy and data security remain intact. Users need to share only one thing: what accounts they wish to delete.

Once you log into https://deseat.me with your Google account, this website will run a check for all apps and services you have created accounts for; it provides you a list of them with delete page links.

This delete link is directed towards the unsubscribe page for the respective services or apps. Now, it is your job to select which service or app you want to unsubscribe. After a few clicks, you will be unsubscribed from it. Within an hour or so, your virtual presence will be wiped out.

Normally, users are excited in the beginning when they sign up for a particular online service. But slowly and gradually, users get irritated with regular promotional mails and messages delivered to their email ids and mobile numbers. If you share your physical address, companies also send you mailers at your home or office.

People get fed up with social media and internet-generated anxiety; in this situation, the easiest way to achieve peace of mind is deseat.me.

You can try this solution to get rid of unnecessary registrations you have created for personal and professional use. Once you unload some virtual tension, share your feedback with us on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus. But make sure that you don’t unsubscribe from Indabaa, otherwise how would you get such valuable information!


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