How to Disable Amazon Echo Spot Camera

On September 27, 2017 Amazon launched its hemispherical smart speaker Echo Spot and soon people began to inquire about how they can disable Amazon Echo Spot camera.

Why they want to turn off Echo Spot camera? Well, this alarm-shaped device has got 2.5-inch circular screen and behind that screen, a camera constantly watches you while you are in your bedroom. To interact with this Echo Spot, one has to keep the screen facing the bed, and this can be annoying for many users as they don’t want any digital disturbance in their bedrooms. So what is the solution? Well, simply turn off camera on your Amazon Echo Spot.

It is true that the Echo Spot has quietly replaced alarm clocks from the night stand of users’ bedroom. But at the same time, one must note that this is your smart speaker that listens to your conversation and picks up keywords also.

Whatever could be your reason, you can stop Echo Spot camera from watching you.

How to Disable Camera on Amazon Echo Spot

How to Turn Off Amazon Echo Spot Camera

Note that you can easily disable camera on your Echo Spot by tapping on mute button available on the device itself; it is located between volume up and down buttons. But this will also disable microphone on the Spot, and you won’t be able to interact with your Echo Spot, which takes your voice commands using Alexa. Thankfully, there are other ways to prevent camera from spying you.

You can stop camera from watching you on Echo Spot by a simple voice command: “Alexa, turn the camera off”. And here you go! You won’t be able to use Spot’s camera for video chatting and as Photo Booth feature.

There is one more method you can use to disable Amazon Echo Spot camera feature. Use the settings menu on the Spot to turn off Spot camera.

Step #1: On the circular screen of your Echo Spot, swipe down.

Step #2: This will bring some options, including Settings icon; tap on that gear button.

Step #3: Here, scroll down and tap on “Device Options”.

Step #4: Again scroll down and toggle the button next to “CameraOFF.

Step #5: You will receive a warning as it tells you that you won’t be able to access some features like taking photos, making and receiving video calls or Video Drop Ins. However, voice calls will be working on your Echo Spot.

Step #6: Finally, tap on that side arrow button to confirm your action.

That’s it!

If you don’t want to use camera on your Echo Spot in future, a cheap workaround could be to paste a piece of tape on the camera to completely block the camera on Spot. But most Echo Spot lovers wouldn’t like to do this as it would spoil the beauty of your cute Spot.

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