How to Downgrade Android Without PC?

Although you wish to know how to downgrade Android without PC, it is quite impossible to do safely.

The device may face serious ramifications that cannot be recovered in the future. You see, downgrade requires your phone to be rooted or unlocking bootloader. It is an entirely different subject to work on.

And it will require a PC, nonetheless. We will tell you how to downgrade an Android, but you must not do it without flashing the device.


Why Downgrade an Android Device?

downgrading an android device


Not everyone loves the idea of attaining the latest Android version. However, there should be a plausible reason to opt for that action.

For instance, you use a fundamental app on your Android that began to run slow or stopped launching since the upgrade. It turns out a lot of other apps are showing similar signs. What do you do?

You have a lot of data saved in those apps, so you cannot just uninstall them. Hence, you downgrade the device.

Another reason is the old android phone model. It was your happy charm without causing any freeze or hang when using various software. However, the most recent upgrade apparently changed all that and is practically killing your phone.

We are not saying the upgrade is bad news. It is quite awesome, really. But some devices cannot handle the high-end transformation in a blink of an eye.


Backup Everything

backup files


Downgrading means losing everything you have on the phone. If you want a squeaky clean phone, you can ignore this section. However, not all of us wish to lose from the photos, videos to other important data.

This is when you take advantage of Google Drive, Photos, and Dropbox. The first method is by allowing you to sync everything to any of these apps on your phone. You should remove unnecessary files first to create more space.

Automatic backup usually backs everything the moment you snap a photo or record a clip. It minimizes the stress of manual steps of storing everything online.

You can also set the backup operation based on the internet connection. We usually recommend selecting Wi-Fi instead of Data as some files can be pretty large.

Things might get a little tedious if the auto backup function is disabled. You will have to pick everything you want in the online storage with meticulous patience. Then upload them to the backup apps.

Still, it is better than losing everything and regretting afterward. If you believe you have more data than the storage available online, we suggest purchasing a premium version.


How to Downgrade an Android Phone

While it is fairly easy to downgrade an Android phone, not all models offer the feature. Therefore, the first thing you have to do is find out if your device is compatible with such an operation.

1. USB Debugging

usb debugging

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Suppose you are using a Pixel phone. Go to its Developer Options in Settings. Tap About phone and select Build Number. You will receive a message saying that you are now the developer.

Next, toggle on the USB Debugging and OEM unlocking in the Developer Options.


2. Phone and PC Connection

phone connected with pc


Like we have mentioned earlier, you will need a PC for a trouble-free downgrade. Take a USB cable to connect the phone with the PC.

Go to the folder that has Android SDK saved, put the downloaded Android Factory image file there, and unzip it.

Press Shift and Right Click in the same window for a prompt to appear. Click on to Open PowerShell Window Here.

Type ‘adb device’ to ensure phone detection, then move on to boot the device. Do it by typing ‘adb reboot bootloader’ below the detected device message.


3. Bootloader Unlock

unlock bootloader

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Now, how you unlock the device relies on the phone. Therefore, try typing ‘fastboot oem unlock’ first to check if it works. You use ‘fastboot flashing unlock’ in case the first option fails.

This will hopefully unlock the bootloader, allowing you to downgrade the phone.


4. Downgrade the Android

ways to downgrade android device


The script “flash-all” will be included in the Android SDK folder where you extracted the IMG file. Pixel allows the direct script while other manufacturers might require you to flash manually.

Now double click the Flash-all.bat for the flashing process to begin. Make sure the phone stays plugged during this step at all costs.

The Android device will restart after this.



Even when you see options about how to downgrade Android without PC, we recommend you refrain from them unless you are aware of what you are doing. Do not try it without an expert if you have doubts.

This is why take the extended process using a PC. Why suffer again when you can finish the downgrade without fuss? Plus, go for factory reset if you find it all too complicated. It might resolve some issues you did not expect to!


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