How to Download and Install tvOS 10.0.1 on Apple TV

Apple has recently released tvOS 10 for its users and people are eagerly waiting to know how to download and install this operating system on Apple TV.

This latest tvOS will surely improve the performance of your Apple TV; moreover, there are some bug fixes in the new tvOS 10.0.1. All this makes sense to get tvOS 10.0.1.

For seasoned users of Apple TV users, this process may not be new. But every year, there are millions of users added to the Apple ecosystem; they would love to explore this information.

How to Download and Install tvOS 10.0.1 on Apple TV

How to Download and Install tvOS 10 on Apple TV Through Software Update

As happens with iPhones and iPads, your Apple TV normally asks you for an update, whenever one is available. A simple click through can lead you to downloading and installing tvOS on Apple TV. Some users are quick to take action whenever updates are available; however, you can do it later when time permits you. In any event, you can bring about a tvOS update manually.

Step #1: On the Home screen of your Apple TV, click on Settings app.

Step #2: Next, click on System.

Step #3: Time to click Software Update.

Step #4: Now click Update Software.

Step #5: You need to click Download and Install option.

Step #6: Finally, click Update Now.

Wait until the Apple TV completes the tvOS update. After this update is finished, your Apple TV will be rebooted. Next, you are backed up and experiencing the latest version of tvOS on your Apple TV.

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