How to Download GIF from Facebook on Android, iPhone, and PC?

Admit it; GIFs have made it super easy for us to express our feelings on social media, especially Facebook. These little motion pictures say a lot of words that we couldn’t even write down! There’s possibly one perfect GIF for any situation that you are in, and it makes the conversation even more connecting and enjoyable at the same time. 

Now, there are some times when we find GIFs shared by our friends and family pretty interesting. But you don’t get to save it on your phone or computer as easily as you can save images, right? Well, we have got hacks for that. In this piece, we are going to look at a few ways you can download GIFs from Facebook quite conveniently.

Interested? Let’s go! 


How Do I Download a GIF from Facebook on Android, iPhone, and PC?

As you can use Facebook on multiple devices and platforms, you have a range of options to download GIFs. Here, we are going to look at how you can download GIFs if you are using your PC, Android, or iPhone. 

Method 01: Download GIF Using PC

How do I download a GIF from Facebook on PC


Downloading GIF on a Mac or PC ois probably one of the easiest ways to save GIFs on your device. If you’ve just come across a GIF that you like, simply click on it.

By clicking on it, you will find a door button on the bottom right corner of the GIF. Click on it. This will take you to the GIF image website, where a user uploads the original GIF. 

When you open the website and locate the GIF there, simply right-click on the GIF to bring up the list of options. Hover down to the ‘Save Image As…’ option. This will allow you to save the GIF on your PC/Mac. 

Now, select the path or location you want to save the GIF file on your computer. Rename the GIF if you want and click Okay. That’s it! You have saved your favorite GIF on your PC for further sharing! 


Method 02: Download GIF Using Android 

How do I download a GIF from Facebook on Android


Saving GIF files on your Android phone is also a matter of a few simple steps. First of all, you need to open the Facebook App on your Android device. 

Now, go to the GIF file that you are trying to download. 

Now, click on the GIF file, and it will ask you for a few actions. Select Open in Chrome

It will automatically open the Chrome browser on Android phone, and the GIF file will be loaded on the app. Once it’s done, simply long-press on the GIF image. This will bring up a few options like below. 

Select Download image from the list. This will start the downloading process. Once done, you will find the GIF image on your File manager. 


Method 03: Download GIF Using iPhone 

How do I download a GIF from Facebook on iPhone


Saving GIF files from Facebook app on iPhone is a bit tricky. It’s not that you can’t save it, but it’s not straightforward like PC/Mac or Android. To save a GIF file, first of all, go to the post that has the GIF on it. 

Click on it to open. When it’s open, simply long-press on the GIF to bring on three options like below – Copy, Look Up, and Share. 

From here, select Share. Now, it will show you multiple options to share the file. But you are not here to share the file, are you?

Notice a Save to Files option at the bottom above the ‘Edit Actions…’ text. Simply click it, and you will be asked to show the location where you want to save the GIF file. That’s it! You have saved GIF images on iPhone! 


Should You Download Any GIF? 

So, now that you know how to download GIF files from Facebook, it’s very important that you know what file to download and what not. There are thousands of spamming sites that are live right now that can be easily integrated with Facebook. 

Facebook has a very weak security system in identifying Phishing sites that can harm your device with infectious files. Unfortunately, a lot of Phishing sites nowadays are masked as GIF sites that people often visit for fun. 

Once you visit those sites and download files, there’s a high risk of your device being infected by the malware the site contains. Plus, it can also mean that you will have to compromise your privacy. 

So, make sure you are not visiting any random GIF sites and harming your privacy and device health. Keep a sharp eye while downloading files. 



So, these are the simplest ways you can save the GIF files that you find amusing. Just make sure you remember the location path that you are selecting to save these files. Otherwise, you may lose them later on. 


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