How to Enable Alexa Shipment Notifications to Get Package Tracking Alerts

Receiving your Amazon shipping alerts on an Alexa device is one of the coolest things in your digital life. Normally, you receive such alerts of your package on your mobile phones. But how exciting for you to listen to an alert that says, “your Domino’s pizza order goes out for delivery”. Want a bite? Jokes apart, Amazon makes it possible for you to get details of your order, shipment, product or any item spoke from Alexa. Check this tutorial and you will be able to enable Alexa Shipment notification to get package tracking alerts.

Once you turn ON Alexa Push notification alerts, you will get to know when your Amazon Package or pizza is on the way. No more waiting for your package; simply get notified of the time of your shipment’s delivery.

How to Enable Alexa Push Notification to Get Package Tracking Alerts

How to Enable Alexa Shipment Notification When Your Amazon Package or Domino’s Pizza Is Out for Delivery

Step #1: Launch Alexa App on your iOS or Android Device. Else open in a browser.

Step #2: Tap on the three horizontal lines from the top left corner.

Step #3: Next, tap on Settings.

Step #4: Now, Tap on Notifications.

Step #5: Tap on Shopping Notifications.

Step #6: Finally, turn on Shipment Notifications via Alexa to receive Alexa push notification alert message when your Package is out for delivery.

Note: You can also turn ON Give Products and Notification. If you want Alexa to provide products name in delivery notifications.

If you want to reorder same items again after some time then you can enable Reorder Notifications to receive a reminder to re-order items previously you purchased from Amazon.

Alternatively, you can turn on notifications from the landing page for a particular skill in your Alexa app. Launch Alexa and tap on Skills. Here, you need to locate Domino’s (or any other skill once it is updated with notifications) and tap on Settings. Next, tap on Manage Permissions and give or revoke notification privileges there.

If you have turned on DND for Alexa, you won’t receive Alexa push notifications.

That’s all friends!

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