How to Enable Automatic App Downloads on Apple TV

After downloading and installing tvOS 10.0.1 on Apple TV, you might wonder how you can download apps on the Apple TV. Well, you don’t need to bother about this task. You can automatically download an app on Apple TV provided the app is also compatible with your iPhone or iPad. Yes, you heard that right.

This means, if an iOS developer has released the version for Apple TV and if the developer has bundled it with iOS apps, you can automatically download apps on your Apple TV.

The good news is that Apple has updated iTunes Link Maker to enable users to download apps, which are exclusive to Apple TV. In simple words, you can download any app that is compatible only with tvOs from your iPhone with a proper iTunes link.

How to Enable Automatic App Downloads on Apple TVHow to Enable Automatic Downloads on Apple TV

If you want to download Apple TV apps from your iPhone, you should enable automatic downloads on Apple TV.

Step #1: Open Settings on your Apple TV.

Step #2: Click Apps.

Step #3: Now, you need to click Automatically Install Apps.

Note that if this option is enabled, you can see ‘On’ next to ‘Automatically Install Apps’.

In future, whenever you download apps or games that are ‘friendly’ with Apple TV, the same will be shown on your Apple TV’s home screen.

How to Disable Automatic Download on Apple TV

If you change your mind and don’t like the idea of piling up apps and games on your Apple TV, you can disable this option of automatic download on your Apple TV. We know that you are happy using those apps and games on your iPhone and iPad; it is simply your choice. Note that after disabling automatic downloads, you can always buy Apple TV exlcusive contents on your iOS devices or Mac; but you need to download those games and apps manually on your Apple TV from Purchased tab.

Step #1: Fire up Settings on your Apple TV.

Step #2: Now, click Apps.

Step #3: Finally, click Automatically Install Apps.

If you have disabled this feature earlier, you can see ‘Off’ next to Automatically Install Apps.

That’s it! Enjoy watching your choice of content on Apple TV.

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