How to Enable Dark Mode in Google Chrome on Windows PC and Mac

Google Chrome is arguably the most used web browser in the world. It is faster than other popular browsers like Safari and Firefox. While browsing websites on Chrome, you may wish you could have used dark mode to protect your eyes. Though dark mode is gaining momentum in the web world, there are a limited number of websites and apps, which offer this feature. In this situation, Chrome brings in three important extensions that will help you enable dark mode in Google Chrome on Windows PC and Mac.

Once you activate Google Chrome dark mode, all the websites you open in the browser will be seen in night mode. You would love to read contents and watch videos on the sites. You can use Dark Mode, Dark Reader, and Dark mode/night reader. The three extensions will make your Google Chrome black and thus creates dark mode for you to read contents easily.

How to Enable Dark Mode in Google Chrome on Windows PC and Mac

How to Activate Dark Mode in Google Chrome on Mac and Windows PC

Step #1: First off, open Chrome browser on your Windows desktop computer or laptop.

Step #2: Next, launch Dark Mode Chrome extension.

Step #3: When the extension window appears, click on ADD TO CHROME blue button.

Step #4: A pop-up appears on your computer screen asking your confirmation to add ‘Dark Mode’.

Step #5: Simply click on ‘Add extension’ button in the pop-up.

On the top right corner of your screen, you will see a message that ‘Dark Mode has been added to chrome’.

You can see an oval shape icon of Dark Mode extension; this icon flashes an orange color.

Google Chrome Extension for Night Mode

Hover your mouse over that icon and you will find a tooltip that reads: Current State: LIGHT. When you click that icon, your website will be seen in dark mode and the tooltip will show: Current State: DARK.

Activate Google Chrome Dark Mode

If you open another tab on your Chrome browser, it will show you dark mode by default. To disable or deactivate dark mode on Google Chrome, simply click on the extension again and the dark mode will be turned off.

Perform right-click on the Dark Mode extension icon and select Options from the list. A dialog box will open with a few options; you can select your favorite dark shade from the General dark styles (class a). There are as many as 23 dark styles to choose from. Custom dark styles allow you to disable dark mode from the website of your choice. By default, the dark mode will be applicable to all websites as all the boxes are checked. You need to uncheck the boxes on each website to deactivate dark mode on the website. The Options also include CSS, which allows you to write your own custom dark theme.

Dark Reader

Dark Reader Chrome Extension for Night Mode

Dark Reader is equipped with features like font settings and adjustments in brightness, contrast and sepia. You can use shortcut keys Alt+Shift+D to switch the extension ON and OFF. You can add the current website to the site list by hitting Alt+Shift+A.

Dark mode/night reader

Dark mode/night reader reduces contrast and inverts colours to create a low light environment at home or office. Alternatively, you can reduce contrast only by using this extension on your Google Chrome.

What is common in above three extensions?

Do not use all extensions simultaneously; disable other similar extensions to avoid interruption.

The extensions are not effective on Chrome Web Store page for security reasons.

Turn off the extension before you disable or uninstall it. If you forget to switch it off, you need to refresh the pages to remove the effect of dark mode.

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