How to Enable Do Not Disturb on Apple Watch: Enjoy Some Me-Time Without Getting Disturbed

Do Not Disturb is a useful feature when you don’t want to receive any notifications and calls from anyone (you can make exceptions for your favourite contacts). With rising popularity of Apple Watch, users have also begun to use Do Not Disturb on Apple Watch.

If you want to enable Do Not Disturb on Apple Watch, there are two methods: you can do this from the Watch app on the paired iPhone and you can also use this feature from the Apple Watch itself. Both the methods are easy to perform on respective devices.

Note that your Apple Watch will collect all notifications but it will not notify you as long as this feature is enabled on your smartwatch. This Do Not Disturb can be a great help when you are in the middle of a meeting, having sound sleep, watching movies or at hospital, where you don’t want to grab attention of hospital staff by notification sounds.

As the name suggests, Do Not Disturb will simply not disturb you; it will keep disturbing your smartwatch anyway.

How to Turn on Do Not Disturb(DND) on Apple Watch via iPhone

Step #1: Fire up Apple Watch app on connected iPhone.

Step #2: Now tap on My Watch option.

Step #3: Next, tap General.

Step #4: You need to tap on Do Not Disturb option now.

Step #5: On Do Not Disturb screen, you will find Mirror iPhone button; simply turn this button ON.

This is done! Now exit the Settings and get ready to perform the same action on your Apple Watch. The process to set Do Not Disturb on your Apple Watch is a bit different.

How to Set Up Apple Watch Do Not Disturb Feature

The process may take some time here on your Apple Watch as smaller screen of your smartwatch will show smaller icons.

Step #1: Press the Digital Crown and release it when you see watch face.

Step #2: Next, on your Apple Watch screen, swipe up; this will bring up Glances on your watch.

Step #3: You need to keep swiping from right to left until you see Settings glance.

Step #4: Now you know what you need to do; tap on Do Not Disturb icon.

If you want to turn off Do Not Disturb feature, follow the same steps as mentioned above and in the last step, turn off this DND feature.

Here, you need to take note that Do Not Disturb feature doesn’t get disabled automatically until you do it manually.

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