Surfing contents on Apple’s fourth generation tvOS is a tough task and you need to see apps and other contents with squint eyes – God bless users who have poor vision! The problem is that while you are browsing apps or any other program, you are not sure whether the app is selected or not. For example, you have some apps on your Apple TV screen that shows tv shows iTunes, App Store, Photos app, movies iTunes etc., you can never convince yourself that you have selected a particular app with Siri remote of Apple TV. In this situation, you need to enable High Contrast cursor on Apple TV.

Many users have complained that they have robust eye sight and yet they fail to see which home screen icon is selected. Thanks to Apple’s Accessibility controls that can help you detect the selected items on your Apple TV interface. Just toggle a button in the Settings of your tvOS and you are done. This informative piece is all about how you can turn on a high-contrast cursor on your fourth-generation Apple TV.

How to Enable High Contrast Cursor on Apple TV

How to Adjust Transparency and Contrast on Apple TV (4th Generation)

Step #1: Open Settings app on your Apple TV (4th Generation).

Step #2: Next, launch General → AccessibilityIncrease Contrast.

Step #3: Now you need to turn on Focus Style.

This will add a white border around the selected app or item on your Apple TV.

Note that the feature can be used by owners who have good vision as this clearly makes out difference between selected items and non-selected ones. In the default selection style, the chosen item simply pushed forward a little bit, which hardly gives users an impression that the item is selected. While a thick white border noticeably tells you the items are selected. This will also help you accelerate your user experience on Apple TV.

How to Remove Blurred Background from Apple TV

Here is something more to make your Apple TV experience a visual treat.

Go to SettingsGeneralAccessibilityIncrease Contrast → Turn On Reduce Transparency to remove blurred backgrounds and diminish the transparency of background elements on Movie and TV shows screens.

That’s all friends!

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