How to Enable Night Mode on Amazon Echo Spot

Night Mode on your Amazon Echo Spot is an amazing feature you can use while sleeping. When you turn on night mode on Echo Spot, the device will not emit brightness to disturb you in the dark.

Basically, this mode will change the background of Spot to black and reduce the brightness of the screen. Want to go for this? Here is how to enable night mode on Echo Spot.

Before you turn on and use night mode on your Echo Spot, let me tell you that it will not drastically diminish the glow sent out by your Spot.

For example, if you have set the brightness to 100%, don’t expect the level coming down to less than 30%; however, if the brightness was set at 50%, you can surely dial the lustre down by adjusting the night mode.

Until Amazon rolls out its next update to fix the sharp decrease in brightness, you have to cope with this situation by following a workaround given below.

How to Enable Night Mode on Amazon Echo Spot


How to Enable Night Mode on Amazon Echo Spot

Step #1: ON the screen of your Amazon Echo Spot, swipe down from the top.

Step #2: Next, tap on Settings icon (see that cogwheel).

Step #3: Now you need to scroll down all the way to “Home & Clock” option.

Step #4: From the bottom, tap on ‘Night Mode’ option.

Step #5: Then you need to toggle “Nighttime Clock” on.

Note: After this, tap on “Scheduled” option; this option will help you enable and disable Night Mode automatically at scheduled times. Basically, you can turn on and turn off night mode automatically.


How to Disable Amazon Echo Spot Night Mode Completely

How to Disable Amazon Echo Spot Night Mode Completely

Step #1: Tap on Settings option.

Step #2: Next, Tap on Home & Clock option.

Step #3: Now, choose Night mode option by tapping on it.

Step #4: Turn off Nighttime Clock.

That’s all friends!

Even after dimming the glow of Echo Spot, you will see the screen is still disturbing to your eyes when you put off the room lights. Nevertheless, you will get some relief from the piercing brightness unleashed by your Spot earlier.


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