How to Enable Single Sign-On Apple TV in tvOS 10.1

Like your traditional TV set, you can subscribe to different service providers on your fourth generation Apple TV, if it is running on the tvOS beta. You can enable single Sign-On for your Apple TV on tvOS 10.1.

This feature was long expected from Apple’s team; however, in a quiet manner, Apple has introduced this feature for its TV users. Note that this feature can be used only with nine service providers in the US. At the same time, almost all third-party apps do not support single Sign-On and therefore, users have to authorize themselves individually on each app.

If you want to give this Single Sign-ON a try, go ahead and follow the steps mentioned below. This information deals with some necessary diversions like what are the providers, privacy issues, authorization of an app with single Sign-ON, searching apps that work with your subscriptions, turning off Single Sign-On etc.

How to Enable Single Sign-On Apple TV in tvOS 10.1

Name of providers supporting Single Sign-ON

Currently, there are nine service providers in the US that support Single Sign-ON on Apple TV:

  1. CenturyLink Prism
  2. DirecTV
  3. Dish Network
  4. GTA
  5. GVTC
  6. Hawaiian Telcom
  7. Hotwire
  8. MetroCast
  9. Sling TV

Sling TV offers the most convenient interface to sign up quickly; if you don’t have any of the above providers, you cannot use Single Sign-ON on Apple TV.

Privacy Issues regarding Single Sign-ON

There is a section ‘About TV Providers and Privacy’ in the TV Provider preferences; this section gives users a general idea about which information TV providers can see after logging in. Basically, you provide some information to TV providers and third-party apps while connecting them to Apple TV:

  • Sharing of information about users’ subscription between apps, Apple and TV provider; this lets users enjoy a range of shows across apps.
  • Note that TV provider has got rights to share your user ID, household ID, and account zip code among other information on your subscriptions.
  • Your TV provider name and user ID will be stored locally for authorization by Apple TV. This you have already seen on your iPhone, when you launch new apps, you need to allow all the apps to use your subscription data. If you don’t authorize the apps, they will use their default authentication method.

How to Setup Single Sign-ON on Apple TV

Step #1: Launch Settings app.

Step #2: Open Accounts and then go to TV Provider.

Step #3: Select your TV provider.

Step #4: Click Sign In.

Step #5: Type in your username and password.

How to Authorize apps with Single Sign-ON

It is quite simple to authorize apps with Single Sign-ON; perhaps as easy as ABC. Before any third-party app interacts with Single Sign-ON feature, the app needs an update from its developer. The reason is simple: your app doesn’t have knowledge of searching for the Single Sign-ON data. However, apps have started to offers updates after the official release of Single Sign-ON.

How to search apps compatible with your subscription

Step #1: Tap on Settings app.

Step #2: Press on Accounts and then hit on TV Provider.

Step #3: Now choose Find More Apps.

You will be landed on an App Store assortment that features apps that work with your subscription.

How to switch off Single Sign-ON

Step #1: Launch Settings app.

Step #2: Tap on Accounts.

Step #3: Next, go to TV Provider.

Step #4: Finally, choose Sign Out.

Once you sign out, the apps will go back to individual authentication options.

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