Smart devices provide you facility to store data and files in apps. But this becomes a weakness when your smartphone faces a threat of virus attack. To prevent any such attack or to secure your data/files, you need to encrypt or decrypt files on Android phone. Though hackers can breach this protective wall, it gives you peace of mind that your files are safe.

In this situation, you can resort to an Android app available in Google Play Store. By this app, you can perform Android phone’s data encryption; and when you need the data, you can decrypt the data or files.

How to Encrypt Files on Android Phone

Step #1: First off, download and install Hide Files – Andrognito from Google Play Store on your Android smartphone.

Step #2: When you open this app, you are supposed to register yourself with your name. A four-digit PIN will be sent to you; hit the arrow and then enter the PIN and tap the arrow again.

Step #3: Next, enter the details of security question and provide answers; after that, tap on arrow.

Step #4: You are supposed to build a vault to quickly access your files.

Step #5: Once you accomplish the above files, browse files to put them in vault.

Step #6: There is a lock icon at the upper right corner of your mobile screen; tap that icon and your file will be encrypted.

After performing the last step, the files selected in step #5 will be encrypted and secured.

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How to Decrypt Files on Android Phone

Step #1: You have already installed Hide Files – Andrognito on your Android device, so now you need to open the app. Authenticate yourself with PIN as you have done in the previous process.

Step #2: Now all the encrypted files will be seen to you. You can either select all or select only the files you want to decrypt.

Step #3: Finally, tap on Unlock button.

This is how you can encrypt or decrypt files on Android phones. The process is quite simple to follow on your smartphone. Go ahead and follow both the methods to encrypt and then decrypt files on your Android devices.

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