How to Enter DFU Mode on Apple Watch 1, Series 2 and Series 3

If our iPhones are mini computers, then our Apple Watches are super-mini computers that we wear around our wrists. And like any macro or micro computer, your Apple Watch is likely to face some technical glitches. For Apple Watch users, it is quite a nightmare to see this high-tech watch in a dismal state.

There are some situations when users have to perform a complete restore of the watch operating system. But Apple doesn’t allow users to do this (thankfully, you can put your iPhone into DFU mode easily) and owners of Apple Watch have to contact Apple Support.

Until you get to know that there is a device, which helps you connect your Apple Watch with your Mac or Windows computer. It is possible for users to enter DFU mode on Apple Watch.

Apple Watch doesn’t have a lightning port, but you can see a hidden six-pin diagnostic port that you can open with the help of sewing needle. Once that diagnostic port is open, you can connect your lightning cable with the help of iBus dongle made by MFC.

IMPORTANT: Apple Watch users have to get the related firmware files from other sources as they cannot access full watchOS restore files (the files are not available publicly). Once they get the files, they can restore or update Apple Watch with iBus.

How to Enter DFU Mode on Apple Watch


How to Put Apple Watch into DFU Mode

Before you follow the steps to enter DFU mode on your Apple Watch, you need to access Apple Watch diagnostic port.

Step #1: First off, remove the watch strap from the button side of your Apple Watch case.

Step #2: Put the sewing needle in the port hole.

Step #3: During the process, you are not supposed to hard press the needle as you do while removing SIM tray on iPhone. Here, gently exert pressure to lever the cover off port with a needle.

Do not worry about the cover; it will slide back easily.

Now is the time to enter DFU mode on your Apple Watch.

Step #4: You have opened the diagnostic port, and therefore, you can easily connect your iBus dongle to the port.

Step #5: Next, you need to connect your lightning cable to the other end of iBus dongle; while other end of your lightning cable is inserted in your Mac or Windows computer.

Step #6: Open iTunes on your computer and then turn your Apple Watch ON. Wait till your smart watch boots.

Putting Apple Watch into DFU Mode

Step #7: Then press and hold Digital Crown and Side button simultaneously for 10 seconds; after 10 seconds, release the side button but keep holding the Digital Crown until your iTunes shows you a message confirming your Apple Watch is in DFU mode.

Note that there are two different iBUS dongles for Apple Watch Series 0 & 1, and Apple Watch Series 2 & Series 3.

Finally, you will be prompted to choose a watchOS firmware file (.IPSW) for restore.


That’s it!

You must have noticed that the procedure is not that simple, and therefore, most of the users would like to contact Apple Support for help. However, if you wish to take this as an adventure, go ahead and enter DFU mode on Apple Watch.

A word of caution: This method of restoring Apple Watch may influence the water resistance capacity of your Apple Watch and it will invalidate warranty/guarantee you have received from manufacturers.


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