When you export WhatsApp chat to email, you ensure that your chat history is stored in your computer. The widespread use of WhatsApp made it a reliable chat client, which helps users in exchanging some important chats apart from documents, videos, audios, and images. So when you migrate from one operating system to another, you may want to save your WhatsApp chat history. Here is how to email WhatsApp chat history from iPhone and Android device.

You can backup WhatsApp chat in email if you are changing your iOS or Android device. After sending your data via email to yourself, you can save the same data by configuring your email on the new device. The process is pretty simple; we have already done this and now you can also email WhatsApp chat history on iPhone and Android device.

How to Export WhatsApp Chat in Email on iPhone and Android

How to Backup WhatsApp Chat in Email on iPhone and Android

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How to Email WhatsApp Chat History from Android Phones

Step #1: Launch WhatsApp App on your Android device and tap on the chat you want to email.

Tap on Group Name or Person Name in WhatsApp on Android

Step #2: Tap on three vertical dots.

Tap on three horizontal dots in WhatsApp

Step #3:  Tap on More from the drop-down list.

Tap on More in WhatsApp on Android

Step #4: Tap on Email chat.

Email WhatsApp Chat History Backup from Android Phone

Step #5: A pop-up message will appear asking whether you to send WhatsApp data with or without media. Tap on ATTACH MEDIA button.

Step #6: At last, you can send an email to yourself.

That’s it!

Finally, open the Email app on your Android phone and download the chat data. You can save this WhatsApp chat history in your Google Drive.

How to Email WhatsApp Chat History from iPhone

Step #1: Open WhatsApp App on your iPhone.

Step #2: Choose the WhatsApp chat you want to email.

Select WhatsApp Chat on your iPhone

Step #3: Tap on the name of contact or group from the top.

Tap on Name or Group Name in WhatsApp

Step #4: Tap on Export Chat option.

Tap on Export Chat in WhatsApp

Step #5:  If you want to email Media from the WhatsApp chat then tap on Attach Media else you can choose without Media option.

Choose Between Attach Media or Without Media i n WhatsApp

Step #8: Next, Choose email option by tapping on it.

Tap on Mail App to Export WhatsApp Chat History

Step #9: Now enter your Email ID, subject and body message and then tap on send button.

Export WhatsApp Chat History from iPhone

Once you receive your WhatsApp chat history in your Email on your iOS device, you can download the WhatsApp data and save it to Files app.

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Do you want to use any third-party software to transfer your WhatsApp data? There is a dedicated tutorial on how you can migrate your WhatsApp chat history using the software. Share your feedback with us on Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter.


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