How to Filter App Store Reviews on iPhone and iPad

Every day, I come across many apps – some new, some updated. But not all apps are worth downloading on my iOS devices. So how to check the usefulness or worth of an app? Mostly, we rely on reviews of the app uploaded on the App Store. Since there are hundreds of reviews listed, I have to filter those reviews to decide which app is most helpful, favorable, critical or recent. Check this simple method to filter App Store reviews on iPhone and iPad.

The App Store reviews will help you make the right decision if you are planning to download a paid app on your iPhone or iPad. This feature is available on iOS 11.3 and later. You need to update your iOS device to this latest software version before you could sort out App Store reviews.

How to Filter App Store Reviews on iPhone and iPad

How to Filter App Store Reviews on iPhone and iPad in iOS 11.3

First of all, you need to make sure that your iPhone or iPad is running iOS 11.3 or later.

Step #1: Open App Store on your iOS device.

Step #2: Now, Go to your favorite app or game landing page.

Step #3: Next, Tap on See All link situated under Ratings & Reviews section.

Step #4: Next up, tap the link Sort By and select the preferred filtering option.

Most Helpful: You will be presented with the reviews that receive most helpful feedback.
Most Favorable: This will bring highest-rated reviews.
Most Critical: To show the lowest-rated reviews.
Most Recent: Find the most recent reviews.

Summing up.

App Store reviews give you a better picture of things before you purchase on your store in iPhone or iPad. Critical reviews are your best bet to get the best stuff on your device; it’s a sure-fire way of getting a perfect product that doesn’t have any drawback.

That’s all friends!

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