How to Find Your Car Using Apple Watch

Apple Watch has expanded its usability in this digital era. The new watchOS 3 allows you to do more in an instant. The Apple Watch supported by this new operating system gives more to developers and common users.

Along with features like adding minutes to your parking meter, you can locate your car using the latest Apple Watch. This means you don’t need to take out your iPhone to find parked car using iOS 10 Maps app. This is something interesting for every Apple Watch owner.

Let’s now check how you can find car using Apple Watch.

How to Locate Your Car Using Apple Watch

With spacious parking venue, finding your car is a Herculean task. After watching a two-hour movie (you are so much engrossed that it is difficult to come out of the visual effects of a movie), you hardly remember where you had parked your car. Moreover, parking lot has similar looking pillars; this makes it all the more hard to remember where you left your car.

Thankfully, your Apple Watch can take you out of that parking labyrinth. You are not supposed to download any app on your smartwatch. The Maps app on your Apple Watch will guide you towards your car.

Step #1: Launch Maps app on your Apple Watch.

Step #2: A blue dot will show you your current location (you need to wait for some time).

Step #3: IF you don’t see that blue dot, tap on blue arrow from the bottom left of your watch.

Step #4: Once the Maps app confirms your location, you will see a blue dot on Apple Watch Maps app. Tap on this blue dot to ‘Mark My Location’.

Step #5: A purple pin appears on the blue dot.

Now you can leave your car parked at a secured place and free to go around finishing your jobs/tasks/chores. Want to get back to your car? Open the Maps app on your Apple Watch and gently tap on the purple pin to wake up options.

Next, tap on directions options and Apple Watch will give you directions along with ETA. The Maps app tells you how much time it takes to go back to your car by walking or driving.

Tap on Start and the app gives you bit by bit directions to your parked car. Thus, it has become easy for you to walk back to your car without roaming around asking for any help.

Apart from finding car, you can use this feature to locate other things you tend to forget in a day.

Hope you like this feature on Apple Watch. There must be some apps that help you find lost or forgotten things. Share your feedback with us on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus. Leave your comments in the section below.

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