How to Find Lost iPhone with Apple Watch Pinging

During our busy schedule or a hectic day, we tend to misplace our iPhone in office or at home. In such moments, it would be awkward to ask your colleague or a family member to dial your number to locate your iPhone. It is better to use your Apple Watch (if you are the proud owner of one) to ping the iPhone or light up the flash on your iPhone.

Unlike finding your car using Apple Watch, this process is different and easier too. You need to ensure that your Apple Watch is paired with iPhone. And next, follow the two methods to find or locate misplaced iPhone using Apple Watch.

How to Find Misplaced iPhone Using Apple Watch with Pinging

Step #1: Tap on Digital Crown of your Apple Watch to bring up the watch face.

Step #2: Swipe up on watch face to raise Glances.

Step #3: Now swipe from right to left on your watch face.

Step #4: Settings glance will appear on your watch. You will see an iPhone icon with sound waves on both sides. Tap on iPhone icon and you will hear a ping. Tap frequently until you locate your phone.

Apple has provided another cool feature to find a misplaced iPhone using Apple Watch. If a person is hearing hard, a flash can tell him where his iPhone is. With this method, you can locate or find misplaced iPhone with a flash that twinkles on the device. This method is particularly helpful when you are searching your iPhone during the night or in the dark.

How to Find Lost iPhone Using Apple Watch by Lighting up Flash

Step #1: Press the Digital Crown to see watch face.

Step #2: Now swipe up from the bottom of your watch’s screen. This will bring up the Glances.

Step #3: Next, tap on Settings glance.

Step #4: And then tap and hold the iPhone icon with sound waves. This will light up your iPhone and it will also give you ping.

The iPhone flash will only light up when your device is locked. Moreover, your Apple Watch can find your iPhone on Wi-Fi or within 300-feet Bluetooth connection.

If your iPhone is not within the proper range, you should resort to Find My iPhone feature to locate a lost, stolen or misplaced iPhone.

Finding misplaced things is one of the challenging tasks. Thanks to Apple technology, now it is easier for users to locate misplaced items; so much so that now people can find parked car using iOS 10 Maps app on iPhone or iPad.

Find My iPhone is a great feature that allows you to locate your lost or stolen iPhone without using your Apple Watch. On your Mac or any Windows computer, you can use internet to find your iPhone. Take a look at the method below and you will be able to find your iPhone. First, you need to turn on Find My iPhone feature for iPhone or iPad.

How to Turn On Find My iPhone for iPhone/iPad

Step #1: To enable Find My iPhone on iPhone or iPad, open Settings app on your iOS device.

Step #2: Scroll down and tap on iCloud.

Step #3: Next, tap Find My iPhone option.

Step #4: Toggle Find My iPhone ON.

How to Use Find My iPhone Feature On Web

If you have a computer/laptop close at hand, you can easily locate or track your lost or stolen iPhone or iPad.

Step #1: Open on your Mac or Windows computer.

Step #2: Enter your Apple ID and password.

Step #3: Next, click on Find iPhone from the Home screen, where you will find a number of apps/features like Mail, Contacts, Notes, Calendar, iCloud Drive, Reminders, Find Friends etc.

Step #4: Now click on All Devices from the top.

Step #5: Then click on device name you want to find.

Remember, if the lost or stolen device is offline, it won’t be seen on your computer screen. A message will flash: All Devices Offline. Here, you can click on the check box that will notify you when the device is found, i.e. when it is online.

And if the device is online, you can zoom in and zoom out on the map to locate or track the device. Check the three buttons given below the check box: Play Sound, Lost Mode, and Erase iPhone/iPad.

If you click on Play Sound, it plays a tone that is easy to hear even if your lost/stolen iOS device is on vibrating or silent mode. You can use this option particularly when your iPhone or iPad is misplaced nearby, in your house or office.

Lost Mode asks you to enter a phone number that will be displayed on the screen of your lost or stolen iOS device. This means a person who finds your device can contact you (if s/he doesn’t surrender to the charm of iPhone or iPad ☺). A tone will capture attention of the passer-by if you click on Lost Mode.

Erase is your final option to delete all your private data on the lost or stolen iOS device. You should go for this option if you are worried about the valuable data that might be misused by the culprit.

We have listed three important methods to find or locate your lost/stolen/misplaced iPhone. If you can add something important, share your feedback with us on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus.


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