During our busy schedule or a hectic day, we tend to misplace our iPhone in office or at home. In such moments, it would be awkward to ask your colleague or a family member to dial your number to locate your iPhone. It is better to find lost iPhone with Apple Watch.

Unlike finding your car using Apple Watch, this process is different and easier too. You need to ensure that your Apple Watch is paired with iPhone. And next, follow the two methods to locate lost iPhone using Apple Watch 1, Series 2 and Series 3.

How to Find Misplaced iPhone Using Apple Watch

How to Find Misplaced iPhone Using Apple Watch 1, Series 2 and Series 3 in watchOS 4

Step #1: Tap on Digital Crown of your Apple Watch to bring up the watch face.

Step #2: Swipe up on watch face to raise Glances.

Swipe Up from the Watch Face to Access Control Center on Apple Watch

Step #3: Settings glance will appear on your watch. You will see an iPhone icon with sound waves on both sides. Tap on iPhone icon with Audio lines and you will hear a ping. Tap frequently until you locate your phone.

Tap on iPhone icon with Audio lines from Apple Watch to Locate Misplaced iPhone

The ping is quite audible unless you are someone who hears hard. Note that you can also use Find My iPhone feature to locate your lost or misplaced iPhone; but this requires either an iPad or Mac or Windows computer. And such devices may not be nearby. Since users keep their Apple Watch tied around the wrist, it is quite useful to find misplaced iPhone.

Within how much distance can I find my misplaced iPhone?

The traditional Bluetooth range is approximately 30 to 35 feet. However, if your misplaced iPhone is connected with Wi-fi network at home or office, you can locate your device within the premises wherever Wi-fi signals reach or your phone should be within the Wi-fi range.

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