How to Find Lost AirPods Using “Find My AirPods” on iPhone in iOS 10.3

Find My AirPods is the new feature Apple has added in its iOS 10.3. Now you can find lost AirPods by using Find My AirPods on iPhone. This feature works in the same way as your Find My iPhone does.

This new addition can be a great relief for AirPods owners as the product comes at a staggering $159. And for some true-blue Apple fans, using the best AirPods alternatives is not the solution. Let’s now check how you can locate or find lost AirPods using Find My AirPods feature on iPhone in iOS 10.3.

How to Use Find My AirPods in iOS 10.3 on iPhone or iPad

Find My AirPods introduced in iOS 10.3 gives you the last known location of your AirPods, which you have connected with your iPhone or iPad via Bluetooth.

Step #1: Open Find My iPhone from the Extras on your iPhone/iPad.

Step #2: Next, log into your account with your Apple ID and password.

Step #3: You will be able to see all your devices enabled on iCloud. You will also find your AirPods; tap on them.

Step #4: You can now see the last known location of your wireless earbuds on the map.

Note that if your AirPods are seen in the grey circle, they are not connected with any of your iOS devices. You need to go to that place and find the earbuds.

Here, you should tap on Actions button available at the bottom; a small window will swipe up mentioning the ownership of AirPods. And next to owner’s name, you can see an icon of car. Tap on that car icon. This will show you the driving direction of the last known place of AirPods.

How to Find Lost or Misplaced AirPods by Playing Sound

In case your AirPods are seen in the green circle on Find My iPhone app, it indicates that your pods are connected with your iOS devices.

Step #1: Tap on the Actions button seen at the bottom of your device screen.

Step #2: Now tap Play Sound icon; you can listen to loud sound from your AirPods.

Note that if you have lost one of the pods, i.e. left or right, you can tap on Mute Left or Mute Right from the bottom of your iOS device screen.

Next, you need to go into the direction from where you can hear the sound.

Step #3: Once you locate your AirPods, tap on the Stop Playing icon.

It is done! You have found your lost AirPods and saved quite a few bucks.

Since AirPods are available at a hefty price, you need to be extra careful about its protection. We would recommend you to store this valuable product in Apple AirPods carrying cases. Or you can keep the two pods connected by AirPods straps. Take care of your AirPods and keep them neat and clean.

Apple’s products behave like siblings and therefore, it creates a strong ecosystem, where they complement each other. This new feature is a welcome addition to the existing ones like find iPhone using Apple Watch pinging, Find Parked Car Using iOS 10 Maps App on iPhone, and Find Your Car Using Apple Watch.

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