A MAC address for Amazon Echo devices is the globally unique identifier, which is also called hardware or physical address. Normally, MAC address is assigned to all network devices and they are used as a network address for IEEE 802 network technology which includes Ethernet and Wi-Fi. This MAC stands for Media Access Control address. If you are using Alexa-enabled smart speakers, you can find MAC address of Amazon Echo and other Echo devices.

To get MAC address of Amazon Echo devices, you need to follow a simple method given here. You can check obtain the MAC address by using Alexa app on your smartphone or tablet or log in to a web page on your web browser.

How to Find MAC Address of Amazon Echo Devices

How to Find MAC Address of Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Plus, Echo Show and Echo Spot

Step #1: Launch Alexa App on your Smartphone or Open alexa.amazon.com in your browser.

Step #2: Next, Go to the Settings menu.

Step #3: Now, choose your Alexa device and then tap on Update Wi-Fi. (If you are just adding a new Echo device to your Account, tap on Setup a New device.)

Step #4: On your Amazon Echo device, you need to press and the hold the Action button which looks like a dot button until the light ring changes to orange.

Step #5: Once your smartphone is connected to your Echo device, you will find a list of available Wi-Fi networks in the app.

Step #6: Choose your Wi-fi Network from the list and scroll down until you locate MAC address.

That’s all friends!

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