Even as AirPods have been introduced by Apple along with its flagship smartphones iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, the new product has begun to face battery life issue. As recorded by users on technology forums, AirPods are one of the coolest accessories of iPhone; but its popularity has been decreased with issues related to battery life.

People registered their concerns on popular technology forum Reddit, complaining of overnight airpods battery drain issue. Users claimed that they witnessed 30% battery drain during the night, when they didn’t even touch their iPhones.

Many users cite that the issue stems from the fact that AirPods stay connected to users’ iPhones or other devices; as a result, its battery gets drained from both device and AirPods.

To this, a few smart users on Reddit have also come up with a possible solution; this answer (resetting the AirPods) is working for some users, and therefore, it should not be considered as something coming from horse’s mouth. You can take a chance; this may fix AirPods battery drain issue. Try your luck!

How to Fix Apple Airpods Charging Case Battery Drain Issue

How to Reset AirPods and Fix Battery Drain Issue

A simple reset process can solve the battery life issue on your AirPods.

Step #1: First, press and hold the setup button for 15 seconds; you need to do this until that status light starts flickering amber and then flashes white.

Step #2: Next, you should connect your AirPods again to all the devices. Had you set up the double tap to stop function, you need to set it up again.

Are you still facing issues? Then you should drain entire battery on your AirPods and charging case and then put them on recharge. One of the Reddit users, depressed-sports made an attempt to fix the issue in this manner and got success in hourly battery drop from 4% to 1% without use. If the battery issue persists after the two workarounds, you need to fix a meeting with Apple Support.

Apart from battery drain issue, owners of AirPods have face other challenges like cannot pair AirPods with iPhone, checking battery status of AirPods and charging case, pairing AirPods with Android & Windows devices, pairing AirPods with iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac, and Apple TV, AirPods dropping calls.

If you are fed up with AirPods, you should explore best alternatives of Apple AirPods.

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