Even as users are exploring new features and specifications of Google Pixel phones, the two smartphones have begun to face issues in connecting to Wi-Fi networks. This leaves users clueless as to what to do next. The phones are relatively new to all, and therefore, it has created much trouble among users.

Moreover, Wi-Fi network is the soul of any smartphone; without a strong Wi-Fi connection, users cannot enjoy a phone like Google Pixel. People have noticed that Wi-Fi icon on their devices become orange or they see an exclamation mark next to the Wi-Fi icon. In this situation, users need to follow below given solutions.

Note that after performing each solution, you should try to connect Wi-Fi network by opening a web page on Pixel’s browser.

Also remember that these solutions are to be performed on devices running Android 7.1 and later.

How to Fix Google Pixel and Pixel XL Wi-Fi Problems

Check Settings and Restart Device

Step #1: First off, ensure that Wi-Fi at home or office is on for your Pixel phones. Now, turn Wi-Fi on and off to reconnect.

Step #2: Check that Airplane mode is off on your phone. Next up, turn Airplane mode on and off again to reconnect.

Step #3: Now press and hold your phone’s Power button for approximately 30 seconds or until your Pixel phone restarts. It is possible that rebooting your phone can work wonder.

Did you check the source of the issue?

Device issues

You need to check whether or not your device throws tantrums. For example, try to connect your laptop or another mobile phone with the Wi-Fi network you have been using. If another device is connected, you should dig deeper into your Google phone.

Network issues

Another way is to connect your current device to another Wi-Fi network; for instance, try to use your friend’s or neighbour’s Wi-Fi network. If your phone gets connected successfully on other network, the problem lies with your Wi-Fi network.

Internet issues

Sometimes, phones do connect with Network but fails to access Internet; this is the case of problematic Internet connection.

Troubleshoot Problems in your phone

Check your network password

Step #1: Launch Settings on your phone.

Step #2: Tap on Wi-Fi and then name of network.

Step #3: Tap on Show password to view password.

Remove and Re-add Wi-Fi network to your phone

Delete a Wi-Fi network from the phone

Step #1: Open Settings on your phone.

Step #2: Now you need to open Wi-Fi.

Step #3: Check that Wi-Fi switch is ON at the top.

Step #4: A list will appear and you need to choose the name of a saved network. Here, be careful that on Android 6.0 and below, Saved networks can be accessed after tapping on More (three vertical dots).

Step #5: Now, tap on Forget.

Add the Wi-Fi network again

Step #1: Fire up Settings on your Google Pixel phone.

Step #2: Tap on Wi-Fi option.

Step #3: Again a list of Wi-Fi networks appears and you have to tap on Add network option.

Make sure that if you are using a device running Android 6.0 or below, tap More (three vertical dots).

Step #4: Type in name of the network (SSID) and other security information.

Step #5: Now tap on Save.

Step #6: Finally, type the password to connect.

Check if any app creating problems

A downloaded app can create issues; to ascertain if the downloaded app had created a problem, you can reboot the device in safe mode.

Step #1: Turn safe mode on.

Step #2: Try to connect your phone with Wi-Fi network.

  • Launch Settings of the device and tap on Wi-Fi.
  • Tap on name of the network.

Step #3: Check if the Wi-Fi connection is working in safe mode.

If your Wi-Fi connection works properly in safe mode, you should blame the installed app, which might have created problem.

In this case, you can perform three steps:

  • Restart your phone to come out of safe mode.
  • Uninstall the apps you have downloaded recently. And then check if the Wi-Fi connection works.
  • After uninstalling the problem app, you can now redownload the apps you have deleted a while ago.

If the Wi-Fi network fails to perform in safe mode, the problem may lie in Wi-Fi network or Internet connection.

Fix network and Internet issues

Restart Wi-Fi router and modem

If the router or modem is within your accessibility, try to switch it off and on again.

Step #1: Disconnect the adapter or power cords of router and modem for 15 seconds.

Step #2: Now insert the adapter back.

Step #3: You need to confirm that all cables are firmly fixed at both ends.

Step #4: Router and modem should switch on automatically.

Step #5: Wait until all the lights on modem and router are flashed as anticipated.

If the lights on modem and router fail to flash as expected or as mentioned in manual, there can be some issue with modem, router or internet connection.

In this case, users need to contact network administrator or internet service provider.

Are you using public network? You need to sign in

Many users use public networks at cafes, restaurants, libraries, airports etc. These networks often ask a login or authentication page users have to fill in before using the network.

It goes without saying that you must sign in such authentication pages when they appear on your device; after signing in, accept the terms and conditions laid down by public networks.

In case you don’t see this page after you connect with public networks, swipe down from the top of your Google Pixel phones. This will bring down the notification that prompts sign in to the Wi-Fi network. Alternatively, you can launch a browser window and try to open a website; by doing so, you will get to know if the authentication page comes up.

If the above method doesn’t give you any positive result, you should establish the connection with the network again.

Step #1: Launch Settings app on your Google Pixel phone.

Step #2: Tap on Wi-Fi.

Step #3: Select the name of the network and then tap on Forget.

Step #4: Tap on the top of your mobile screen to turn off Wi-Fi; then tap once more to turn it ON.

Step #5: Select the name of network from the list.

Step #6: You should receive a notification alert to sign in to the network. To open authentication page on your mobile, tap on the notification.

Step #7: Accept the terms to connect to the network.

Reset all Network Settings

Step #1: First off, you should launch Settings on your mobile.

Step #2: Tap on More under ‘Wireless & networks’.

Step #3: Next, tap on Network settings reset.

Step #4: Tap Reset settings from the bottom.

Fix the issue by creating a Wi-Fi hotspot

Check that ‘Portable Wi-Fi hotspot’ is on:

Step #1: Start by opening Settings on your Google Pixel phone.

Step #2: Tap More from under ‘Wireless & networks and then tap ‘Tethering & portable hotspot’.

Step #3: Turn on ‘Portable Wi-Fi hotspot’ by tapping on it.

If this option is already on, you should turn it off and switch it on again.
If you have never used Wi-Fi hotspot till date, you should tap Set up Wi-Fi hotspot.

Contact Mobile Operator

Not all mobile service operators support mobile hotspots. Should there any issue regarding mobile hotspot, you need to check if your mobile device can connect with mobile hotspots and if this service is included in your mobile data plan.

Finally, when you reconnect, check the latest system updates. Updates can solve such issues.

Even after doing all these exercise, if your device doesn’t connect to Wi-Fi networks, you should contact internet service provider, router manufacturer, or network administrator.

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