Google Pixel phones give tough competition to other brands of smartphones. Every smartphone user knows that iPhones and Google Pixel phones are strong competitors. Both phones have good features and both have similar issues. Battery life has always been an issue to deal with for users; after the release of iOS 10, a lot of users had to fix iOS 10 battery drain problem by employing different solutions.

Longevity of battery can be a fresh challenge for many Google Pixel users; moreover, you cannot apply the same solutions as you might have done with your previous iPhones. Hence, battery durability needs some other solutions.

The latest Google Pixel phone has got 2770mAh battery capacity. But people nearly overuse their Pixel phones during a day; this obviously drains battery. Sometimes, they tend to forget to charge their phones during the night.

In this situation, users should keep an eye on battery consuming apps. To find the problem causing apps, launch Settings and then tap on Battery; check a list of apps under ‘Use since last charge’. Here, you get to know which apps drain battery most. Normally, this list includes screen, Android OS, and Bluetooth or voice calls. Apart from this, if you find any other app that consumes more battery, you should see whether the app is being used judiciously or not.

Pixel phone has a special feature called Doze; like low-power mode in iPhone, this feature automatically puts your phone on low-power mode to avoid extra usage of battery when you phone is not in use. Usually, Google Pixel phone saves its battery by smart management of apps; the software ensures that you receive notifications regularly even when other apps are not active. However, if you have downloaded an app, which is not coded well, your phone’s battery keeps draining as the system remains active when it should be sleeping.

Battery Optimization Features in Google Pixel

Battery Optimization in Google Pixel is a complex process, and therefore, common users would like to stay away from this. This feature works on its own without any manual interruption of any Pixel phone user. But if you are fed up with the battery life issue in your phone, you need to check out. Battery optimization works closely with Doze; this feature makes out how and when you work upon apps to put them to sleep by force.

Open Settings → Battery → Menu → Battery optimization.

Your phone’s system constantly checks how you use your Google Pixel since the time you first installed any app; your smartphone’s brain intelligently analyze frequently used apps, and makes it ready to use upon your call. In your phone’s Battery optimization settings, you will find a list of apps under ‘Not optimized’ option. This list normally includes apps that cannot be optimized; the menu also lists apps that may not be optimized.

If you wish to optimize any app, tap on it and toggle it to ‘Optimize’. And if you wish to jump to a complete list of apps, tap on the top bar and you can see an option to see ‘All apps’. In this option, you can tap on individual apps and change them to ‘Don’t optimize’.

The battery Saver Feature

Battery saver may not be a complete feature as you might find in other smartphones, but it certainly saves battery on Pixel phone with a single toggle. All you need to do is to switch on the battery saver mode and your smartphone will limit the performance, vibration, location services and background data. Note that these restrictions will not affect the functionality of your Google Pixel phone.

To do this, swipe down the notification shade and tap battery icon; this will show you ‘Battery saver’ switch you can toggle on and off as you like. You can also adjust the switch according to the battery status; for example, you can set the battery saver option when your Google Pixel shows 20% battery status. Note that Battery saver option will turn off the moment you put your phone to charge.

Remove idle apps

Make the most of your leisure time and start deleting idle apps from your Google Pixel phone. There are so many apps users don’t use in months; such apps occupy space on your smartphone and you need to update them regularly. This not only slows down your phone but also burns your Wi-Fi connection or mobile data.

Smart users always download the most basic apps when they set up their phones for the first time. You can always download apps as and when they are needed in your personal or professional life.

Use Portable Power Sources

If your professional life calls for constant use of your Google Pixel phones with all its features and apps, you are left with only one option: use portable power sources. You need to buy the best power banks for Google Pixel phones. Portable power banks are the best and constant companions of your phone. You can charge your smart devices while you are on the go.

Like power banks, car chargers also come handy when you need to charge up your phones during long drives. You can pick up the best Google Pixel car chargers to keep your phone charged when you are away from any power source.

Did you ever experience battery life issue in your Google Pixel phone? Follow any of the above mentioned solutions. If you have more solutions other than listed here, share with us on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus.


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