How to Fix ‘insufficient storage available’ error on Android Phone

Insufficient storage space on Android devices is a headache for any Android user. Android users face ‘insufficient storage available’ error frequently. Normally, Android phones have minimum storage capacity of 16GB, which is not enough for any pro user. There are many apps which occupy more than 100MB space on Android smartphones and tablets.

Moreover, users continuously download data (movies, music, images etc.) from websites. This adds to the problem of insufficient storage; every Android user can’t afford to buy smartphones with storage capacity of 132GB or 256GB. To solve this issue, users need to free up some storage space on Android device.

Before you take any action to solve this issue of ‘insufficient storage available’, you need to check the status of your SD Card. This is because your Android device shows this error even if there is enough space on your phone or tablet.

You can go to Settings and then tap on Storage to check how much space left on the Device and SD Card.

Now you can go ahead and follow some useful solutions to get rid of insufficient storage space available issue on your Android device.

How to Fix Insufficient Storage Available Error on Android Phone

Uninstall Google Play Store

This might be a shocker for you, but you don’t have to discard this must-have app; you are required to go back to the previous version of Google Play Store. This action will remove some minor bugs that might have entered your device with the latest Play Store. To go back to the old ‘stock’ version of Google Play Store, perform following steps:

Step #1: Launch Settings on your Android device.

Step #2: Tap on Applications and then Application manager.

Step #3: Look for Google Play Store and tap on it.

Step #4: In your Android device running 6.0.1, you can see MORE button on the top right corner.

Step #5: Tap on MORE and then tap Uninstall updates.

In different Android operating system, you may find this button at different locations. This will put your Google Play Store app back on factory version. Next, you need to open this Play Store and try to download other apps you wanted. You may receive a message that tells you to update Google Play Store to its latest version. Follow the on-screen instructions to download the latest version of Google Play Store.

This workaround will give you good results if there is enough space on Android device.

Uninstall Unused Apps

If Yahoo Aviate data are to be believed, Android users install an average of 95 apps on their smartphones. But users tend to use less than 15 apps every day and other apps occupy space and consume battery of your Android device. There is only one solution: uninstall the apps you do not use.

You can start uninstalling the largest apps first; and to find such giants, follow the steps given below:

Step #1: Open Settings app.

Step #2: Tap on Applications and then Application manager.

Step #3: Scroll left or right to bring up Downloaded tab; next tap on menu icon (three vertical dots) from the upper right corner.

Step #4: Tap on Sort apps by size.

Normally, games occupy more space on your device than other apps. So start deleting such apps from your Android phone or tablet.

Clear Content from the Apps

For common users, apps like WhatsApp and Facebook are essential on their Android phones. However, such apps accumulate data like images, music files, videos and documents. If you watch/listen podcasts on your device regularly, you need to clear contents from the app. Different apps have different methods to clear content, and therefore, you can also go for cache clearing on your Android phone.

Step #1: Open Settings.

Step #2: Tap on Applications → Application manager.

Step #3: From the list, choose the app you want to clear cache from.

Step #4: Now tap on Clear Data button.

All the data and settings of the app will be cleared. In other words, it is a factory reset for that particular app. Repeat the same steps for other apps too.

Use Third-Party Apps

If the idea of opening multiple apps and clearing data doesn’t strike a chord with you, download third-party cleaner apps from Google Play Store. There are many cleaning apps available free of cost on the Play Store. Some of the known names are App Cache Cleaner, Clean Master, CCleaner etc.

Dump State Clearance

Dump State Clearance doesn’t require any app downloads or connecting your phone with Wi-Fi. This workaround helps you get rid of ‘insufficient storage available’ error that might occur after removing some apps and clearing cache.

Step #1: Open the Dialer on your Android phone.

Step #2: Now dial *#9900#.

Step #3: You can now access SysDump menu.

Step #4: Next, you need to tap on Delete Dumpstate/logcat button and confirm this action by tapping on OK.

Step #5: Finally, tap Exit button seen at the bottom of the menu.

After this procedure, you will surely find some space on your Android phone.

Transfer App Media to the Cloud

In a day, you receive so many pictures and videos on WhatsApp, Facebook, Google Plus and other chat apps. Not all contents worth downloading; and if there are some cool stuff to store, you should surely go for it. But after you download those meaningful images and videos, you need to store the contents somewhere. Obviously, you can’t afford to save them on your devices, and therefore, you can store such media to cloud. In this situation, a wise decision is to backup Android phone to Google Drive. Simply link your Google account with the Android device you are using before you take backup.

Sync Media Files on Dropbox

Dropbox is an excellent app that helps you store all your media files and documents. Now you can enjoy up to 75GB free space on a single Dropbox account. You don’t even need to transfer your data to SD card. Simply sync your data with Dropbox and you can use them everywhere; moreover, Dropbox also allows you to access your data in offline mode. This, however, occupies space on your Android device. To avoid this situation, you should sync all your files, documents, and media on Dropbox cloud.

Download Google Account Data

Google is a one-stop where you can store all your data – contacts, email, eBooks, photos, videos, chat history, documents and more. When you face ‘insufficient storage available’ error on your Android phone, you can download Google account data. This will create more space on your device and your data will be protected in your computer.

Download Netflix Movies/Shows to SD Card on Android

For movie buffs, Netflix is their entertainment zone. Such users like to download and watch Netflix movies and shows offline on Android phone. This clearly consumes phone’s space. You can use SD cards on your smartphone and download Netflix movies & shows to SD card on Android.

Move Apps to SD Card

Android gives you this useful feature to transfer or move heavy apps to SD card. Note that not all apps can be moved to SD cards, and hence, you need to open each app from Application manager to check if it is transferrable to SD card or not.

There can be more ways to fix the ‘insufficient storage available’ error on Android device. If you have any solution to this problem, share your feedback with us on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus.

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