How to Fix iPhone Keeps Dropping Calls

Even though smartphones are equipped with a plethora of innovative features nowadays, their most essential one is the ability to make and receive phone calls. With that being said, there’s nothing more annoying when it comes to iPhones other than when they start dropping calls. There is a number of factors that can cause the “iPhone Keeps Dropping Calls” problem to happen and today we are going to help you solve the problem.

Why iPhones Drop Calls?

The first thing that we want to talk about is the primary reasons why an iPhone might drop calls. The most obvious one is a low signal or physical damage to the antenna from accidental drops. If the signal power in your home or office area is low, then you will need to contact your network provider and ask them about their coverage in the specific area. If they are not able to do something about it, you are always better off placing and receiving calls via Wi-Fi with apps such as FaceTime, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp.

How to Fix iPhone Keeps Dropping Calls

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If your iPhone keeps dropping calls, then you should be pleased to know that there are common fixes that will more than likely fix the problem. Follow the instructions below:

#1 Activate Airplane Mode

Most people don’t know this, but Airplane Mode is a super useful feature that can be used to reset all the network connectivity settings of an iPhone to default. Therefore, we highly advise you to activate the mode and wait for 30 seconds. Now, turn off the mode and check to see if your iPhone’s signal is stronger.

#2 Update the iOS

Apple is always launching new updates for iOS and, more than often, these updates come with bug fixes and software tweaks that improve the overall performances offered by iPhones. With that said, it’s always a good idea to download all the latest iOS updates because they will fix several issues.

#3 Force Restart the iPhone

If none of the previous methods helped you fix the problem, you should force restart the faulty iPhone. This will set all the options to default and it will cause the device to start searching for your network carrier’s signal.

#4 Remove the SIM

As previously mentioned, there is a high chance that the reason why your iPhone keeps dropping calls is because of the network carrier. Therefore, you may want to remove the SIM card from the iPhone and insert it again. Make sure to use the appropriate pin and to take out the SIM card gently so that it doesn’t break.

#5 Disable Call Forwarding

If you are using multiple lines for call forwarding, then this might cause you to deal with random call drops. Luckily, the feature is easy to disable. Follow the next steps and you will get it done in less than one minute: Settings app → Phone → Call Forwarding → and turn it off.

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