WiFi Disconnecting from Amazon Echo Devices? How to Fix This Issue

The smart speakers are powered by artificial intelligence and using this, they give us answers of our questions. One of the primary conditions is that our speakers have to be connected with strong Wi-fi network.

When we don’t have Wi-fi facility, we can connect surely connect our phones or tablets with the speakers but then the speakers will only work as Bluetooth speakers on which we can listen to music.

If you are the owner of Amazon Echo devices, you must have experienced some technical glitches, and one of them is Echo device keeps loosing Wifi connection.

In case, you are still experiencing this problem, you need to follow some solutions listed here that can fix Amazon Echo device disconnecting from Wifi issue.

There are multiple solutions to fix the wifi problems on your Alexa devices. You can take them one by one; note that factory reset of Echo devices should be your last option as this action will remove all data you have stored on your Echo.

Normally, users like to save calendars, reminders, alarms, skills etc on Alexa. Let’s go ahead to fix wifi dropping frequently and Amazon echo and echo dot devices doesn’t connect to WiFi issue.


How to Fix Amazon Echo and Echo Dot Disconnecting from WiFi

Disconnect and Connect to Wi-fi Network

disconnecting and connecting eco dot to wifi network

The very first thing you can do on your Echo device is to disconnect the speaker from the current Wi-fi network. And after a couple of seconds or minutes, connect the Echo with the same Wi-fi network.


Change the Wi-fi Network

Maybe the current Wi-fi network is not strong enough, and therefore, your Echo devices get disconnected frequently.

You can better change the Wi-fi network and check the strength of signal. If the device still behaves in strange manner, you can follow other options given below.


Poor Wi-fi Network

checking wifi network

You can check the connectivity of Wi-fi on other devices like your laptop, phones, and tablets.

If other devices also face the Wi-fi disconnecting issue, probably you need to do with your Wi-fi network. In this situation, contact your Internet Service Provider.


Re-enter Wi-fi Password

wifi password for amazon eco

In case you have changed your Wi-fi network password of late, you should re-enter the new password to connect your Echo device again.


Switch Router Security Type

Your router may be using WPA + WPA2 for security reasons. However, to fix connection issue, you can switch the router security type; choose either WPA or WPA2 only and not both.

If your router offers you the option to set the type of encryption, you can it to AES only.


Reduce Wi-fi Obstruction

echo device connected to wifi

Sometimes, your Wi-fi fails to fulfil requirement of multiple devices connected with it. Some devices get more signal strength, leaving others with poor quality signals.

If your Echo device doesn’t get the enough Wi-fi strength, you will face Wi-fi disconnecting issue. In this case, you should disconnect inactive devices (those not in use currently) from the Wi-fi network.

Next, take your Echo device closer to the Wi-fi router and modem; if there is a heavy object in between your router and Echo device, move that object and clear the path. It is also advisable that you move away other interruptions like microwave ovens and baby monitors, that were close to your Echo devices.


Use 5 GHz Wi-fi Frequency Band

You can connect your Echo device with your router’s 5 GHz Wi-Fi frequency band (if it’s available). It has been noticed that many Wi-Fi devices only connect to the 2.4 GHz band.

If there are multiple devices connected to this band on your network, it will slow down your network. You can connect your Echo with the less congested 5 GHz band for better range and less interruption.


Restart and Reset

rebooting  router

You need to restart all your Echo devices and at the same time, also reboot your router and modem. We have published a dedicated guide on how to restart and reset Echo devices. If you are using Show, you can follow this guide to reset Amazon Echo Show.

When you restart your modem and router, please wait till 30 seconds before you plug in your modem and router into the power sockets. And if you restart your Echo device, wait till 3 seconds before you plug in the power adapter into your Echo devices.

If all the above solutions fail to work, your last resort is either Amazon customer care or your internet service provider. Additionally, you can also contact the manufacturers of your router and modem.


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