How to Force Close Apps on Apple Watch

Apple Watch Series 3 was released in an Apple Event this September. Apple has packed so many features into this small device that it takes entire day to explore each one. With built-in cellular modem, you are going to use this latest smartwatch more than your paired iPhone. And this may throw extra burden on your Apple Watch. Thankfully, you can force close or force quit apps on your Apple Watch.

For pro-users, it can be a simple workaround to force quit an Apple Watch app. But if you are using Apple Watch Series 3 for the first time, you should know how you can close apps on Apple Watch in watchOS 4.

We have listed three different methods to force quit Apple Watch apps. Let’s explore these three methods one by one.

How to Force Close an Apps on Apple Watch

How to Force Close Apps on Apple Watch

How to Force Quit/Force Close Apple Watch Apps
How to Force Quit Apple Watch Apps in watchOS 4

How to Force Quit Apple Watch Apps

Step #1: Press and hold the side button (below the Digital Crown) on your Apple Watch; you will see a power down menu on your watch screen.

Step #2: Release the side button once you see the power down menu.

Step #3: To force quit the running app, press and hold the side button once again.

The app will be closed quickly and you will be landed on the home screen of your Apple Watch.

Restart Apple Watch

Try this second method of restarting your Apple Watch if the first one fails to give any result to you.

Step #1: Press and hold the side button of your watch; again, you will see the power down menu on watch screen.

Step #2: Upon seeing this menu, drag the Power Off slider from left to right.

Step #3: Now press and hold the side button until the Apple logo appears on the watch screen.

If this method doesn’t yield any good result, go for the third and last resort: Reboot your Apple Watch.

How to Reboot Apple Watch

This is quite an easy method. All you need to do is to hold down the Digital Crown and the side button concurrently to reboot your Apple Watch. Perhaps, this will solve the problem and the app in question gets closed.

At times, nothing works in your favour and you need to take your Apple Watch to the store. Rush to the store without any delay and get the watch repaired by experts.

How to Force Quit Apple Watch Apps in watchOS 4 and watchOS 3

With the arrival of watchOS 4, Apple Watch apps have become faster to perform their tasks. But if any app is stuck on your smartwatch, you need to rely on the old trick of force quitting the app in question. In watchOS 4, Apple has introduced a small change in force quitting app procedure. Earlier, users had to double click the side button to force close any app. In this new process, users also need to interact with Digital Crown of the watch.

Step #1: Launch the app you need to force quit.

Step #2: Press and hold the Side button until shutdown screen appears on your watch.

Step #3: Now press the Digital Crown to force quit the app.

If this process doesn’t work, you should try to delete the problematic app and reinstall the same through iPhone Watch app.

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