If you are in America and if you are not talking about Donald Trump’s victory, you are an outsider. During the presidential elections and post his victory, there are some events that set tongues wagging. It is quite obvious that anecdotes around Donald Trump have become internet meme. Whether it is stories, jokes, graphics, animation or anything.

Recently, people have gone gaga over Donald Trump’s boot animation in which the president-elect is walking on the earth throwing some flashy trinkets.

Android developer CZ Eddie found a funny GIF on Bhoot, and applied the same on his smartphone. In this GIF, Donald Trump is seen walking the rotating earth. Now you can also bring this GIF on your Android phone.

This boot animation is played when you start up your Android smartphone. But for this, you need to root your device. You can read our complete guide on how to root Google Pixel and Pixel XL phones and how to root Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge and Note 7.

Apart from a rooted device, you also need a root enabled file browser.

How to Get Donald Trump Custom Boot Animation on Android Phone

Step #1: First off, download Donald Trump boot animation.

Step #2: Now, you need to open root-enabled file browser and browse to /system/media folder. Next, press and hold the current bootanimation.zip file and then select ‘Rename’ from the context menu. Then after, just add ‘.bak’ to the end of file name.

There are some Samsung devices which don’t have a bootanimation.zip file in the folder. If this is the case with your device, it is not compatible with this mode.

Step #3: Next, go to Download folder on Micro SD card you have installed or reach out for internal storage; here, copy the new bootanimation.zip file you have downloaded earlier. Then go back to /system/app folder and paste the new boot animation file in this directory.

Step #4: Tap and hold the recently copied bootanimation.zip file and select ‘Permissions’ from the context menu. Here, you need to ensure that the Owner category is enabled ‘Read/Write’; at the same time also make sure that other categories are adjusted to ‘Read’ only. Once it is finished, you are all set to check the new animation.

From now onwards, whenever you reboot your Android smartphone, you will see Donald Trump galloping on the globe. It is just a little fun for Android users to start their day with.

You should bear in mind that this GIF is for fun only and there is no political intention behind this fun. CZ in CZ Eddie is an abbreviation of Canal Zone; the developer was born in Panama Republic, which finds a reference in CZ. This makes him an unbiased viewer here.

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