How to Earn Free Google Play Credit on Android Phone [Guide]

Who doesn’t want to earn free Google Play Credit on Android phone? By answering a few simple questions, you can earn some Google opinion rewards. But why anyone should earn Google Play Credit on his Android phone?

Well, an Android user can redeem the credit while they are buying anything on Google Play Store. This way they can save a few bucks if they are regular buyer of Google content.

With this motivation, you would certainly like to earn some free Google Play Credit on your Android smartphone. Check out the steps below and go ahead.

How to Get Free Google Play Credit on Android

How to Earn Free Google Play Credit on Android

Android users need to download an app to earn Google opinion rewards.

Step #1: Download Google Opinion Rewards from Play Store.

Note that you will be asked to fill in surveys based on your geographical region.

Step #2: Once download is complete, launch the app on your Android smartphone. You can go through the tutorial or skip it to save time.

Step #3: After the demo is completed, the app will ask you to fill up your profile by answering a few simple questions about yourself.

Step #4: The app now asks you to choose suitable languages according to your geographical location/region.

Step #5: Here, the app can ask you to fill up some surveys that may not give you any credit or rewards; you can skip this or you can give answer if you want to warm up to the later part.

Step #6: After this process, Google will inform you about your first survey by sending a notification. Tap on the notification and you will be landed on Google Opinion Rewards Survey.

You can now fill up the surveys sent by the app; your Google Opinion Rewards will be credited in your account directly; you can use the rewards in future.

Care should be taken that user needs to provide correct information about the demographic as Google conducts surveys based on region. This means the survey you are filling up is relevant to you. Some users provide evasive answers in the fields of age; never do this in the case of Google Opinion Rewards.

Surveys are great means to know the demography and psychography of users. Note that Google runs its Ad Sense campaign across the world and to know the psychography of every user, such surveys are useful. This is an old marketing trick employed by many marketing agencies. However, earlier agencies used to buy time of users without paying anything. Google gives you something when it takes something from you.

Fill up the right answer and help Google understand consumer behaviour. If you are from online marketing field, you should fill up such surveys to know the marketing strategy of Google.

Google uses these surveys to create advertisements that hit a bullseye; these advertisements are more precise and perfect in terms of geo locations across the globe.

Now don’t waste your time and download Google Opinion Rewards app from Google Play Store. Share your feedback with us on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus.

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