Since the launch of Google Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones, both the phones have become a subject of jealousy for users, who don’t have the two phones. Reason is simple: Pixel and Pixel XL phones boast awesome features that are not easily available on other Android phones. Google Pixel launcher is the cynosure of all eyes, especially for those, who don’t have Google Pixel phones. Obviously, they want to get Google Pixel launcher on any Android phone they have.

Though Google Pixel launcher is available on Google Play Store, it is quite difficult to install the app on other Android phones. The app is available for Pixel phones only; however, after performing some workarounds on your Android phones, you can get Google Pixel launcher on your Android phone. You can download some APK files and get this thing done on your Android smartphone. Note that the APK files are not authorized by Google.

How to Download and Install Google Pixel Launcher on Any Android Smartphone

Point to be noted

As mentioned above, APK files given below are not authorized by Google, and therefore, Indabaa will not be responsible for any malfunction or mishap occurred in your Android phone. However, many people have met with positive results on their Android phones after installing APK files mentioned here. You can go ahead and follow the steps at your own risk.

Step #1: Download following files – one Zip and two APK files.


After downloading the files, you will notice a few changes in your Android phone; go further and refer to the guide.

Step #2: Head to the Home screen and launch Settings → Widgets → Wallpaper to check other updates.

Remember that some widgets like shortcuts are available in Google Pixel phones only, and therefore, such widgets will not appear on your Android phone. If you are using Android 7.1 on your Pixel phones, you can use app shortcuts in Android 7.1 on Google Pixel and Pixel XL smartphone.

Step #3: You can also explore dynamic wallpapers on Google Pixel launcher by categories. To see each category, you need to check top left side of your phone’s screen and tap on ‘Daily Wallpaper’ option.

‘Daily Wallpaper’ option offers you new wallpaper after every 24 hours. You need to note that continuous internet flow is required to use this feature.

Launcher apps are most popular among Android users; if you have a penchant for launcher apps, you can download some of the best Android launchers.

There are other Pixel features that non-Pixel users pine for; for other Android users, they want to download and install Google Pixel dialler on Android and wish to get Google Pixel home button animation on Nexus phones.

Recently, when Donald Trump became the president of the United States, people had gone crazy about getting Donald Trump boot animation on Android phone.

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