iOS is simply inimitable and perhaps therefore, Android users are more interested to mimic some features of iPhones and iPads on their Android smartphones. Android users have noticed that Control Center on iPhone and iPad is more hassle-free than the Quick Settings on notification shade in Android phones. Well, Android users raise a valid point: it is quite difficult to access quick settings by launching notification shade first. On the contrary, iOS users can simply swipe up to bring up Control Center.

This must have inspired some Android app developers to design iOS-like Control Center for Android devices. Following is the list of some smart Android apps that function like Control Center on iPhone or iPad.

How to Get iOS Control Center on Android Through Smart Apps

Quick Control Panel

Quick Control Panel is one of the most decent apps that smartly imitate Control Center on iPhone/iPad. Android users can quickly swipe up this app from the bottom of the screen even if the phone is locked. The better part of this app is that users can customize the options as per their requirements; moreover, users can long press the toggle to access settings directly. This app allows its users to customize launch settings of Control Center, appearance of the panel and other useful customizations.

Download Quick Control Panel

iNoty 10

iNoty 10 is a step ahead of Quick Control Panel. Unlike other apps in the list, users need to enable iNoty Phone before they gain access to iOS 10-like Control Center. This feature will change the status bar and notification center to an iOS style. Next, you need to enable ‘Control Smart’ to experience the Control Center. Like Control Center on iOS 10 devices, iNoty 10 Control Center flaunts two rows of toggles, controls and shortcuts. On the first row, users will have some important toggles and shortcuts and on the second row, they can use music controls. A ‘Night Shift’ filter is a bonus for Android users, who can change or add toggles and shortcuts as well.

Download iNoty 10

Control Panel – Smart Toggle

Though this app takes you back to the yester years, it fits the bill pretty well. This app offers you several toggles, brightness slider, music buttons and other shortcuts. It also displays information on the memory, battery, data and storage. From the customization options, you can alter the touchable area, touch vibrations, availability on lock screen and the background color of the panel. Moreover, you can insert or delete some toggles and shortcuts. You can use either its free version or pro version to check CPU information and delete app recommendations.

Download Control Panel – Smart Toggle

Next Lock Screen

It is not just a lock screen app for your Android smartphones; this app also functions to bring up iOS 10-like Control Center on Android. Users would like to enjoy several app shortcuts, toggles, and a brightness slider on their phones. Additionally, users can also get beautiful wallpapers from Bing. Get quick access to notifications, weather alerts, calendar information and music controls. Given its excellent appearance, Next Lock Screen can easily overshadow its weakness: it simply offers a Control Center-like pane on lock screen.

Download Next Lock Screen

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