How to Get New MacBook Pro Touch Bar on Older Mac and iPad

The latest MacBook Pro with a thin Touch Bar has impressed many Apple users. This innovative touchscreen strip makes all the difference for users, who are using the MacBook Pro for the first time. Sensing some great usefulness, other MacBook users dare also pining for this Touch Bar. This new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar can change your perception towards the conventional keyboard you have been using till date.  So here is how you can get MacBook Pro Touch Bar on any other old Mac and iPad

With its now-useful-now-unnecessary features, people still want to lay their hands on this Touch Bar. Instead of spending a few more bucks on the newest MacBook Pro, you should download apps that simulate the Touch Bar on any MacBook Pro.

There are two apps currently popular that can reproduce Touch Bar on your older MacBook Pro. Touch Bar Demo and Touche are developed to give you the Touch Bar feeling on your laptop. Let’s take a quick guide on how you can install and use new MacBook Pro Touch Bar on any other older Mac and iPad.

How to Get New MacBook Pro Touch Bar on any other Old Mac and iPad

How to Get MacBook Pro Touch Bar on Older Mac and iPad

Before you download the apps, you need to download macOS Sierra 10.12.1 build 16B2657. Or at least ensure that your Mac is running on this version. General build (16B2555) may not support the Touch Bar.

On your Mac, you can easily download and install Touch Bar Demo but the same procedure takes time on iPad.

Step #1: After downloading the app, you also need to have the latest ZIP from release section.

Step #2: Now paste the zipped app into the Applications folder on your Mac.

To use Touch Bar Demo on your iPad, you need to build the iOS app.

Step #1: Open TouchBar.xcodeproj.

Step #2: Sync your iPad and go for TouchBarClient target and your device.

To sideload the app, you should follow the procedure here.

You are on! Use the simulated Touch Bar on your MacBook Pro until you get the latest one.

There is another app called ‘Touche’ released by Red Sweater. This app can replicate Touch Bar on any other Mac models. Download and install Touche on your Mac. Like Touch Bar Demo, here too you need to ensure that your Mac is running on macOS Sierra 10.12.1 build 16B2657.

The app, once installed on your Mac, will be invoked with a keyboard shortcut; and this will fire up a simulation window. You can now adjust keyboard shortcuts to toggle Touche, save a screen shot to disk or copy a screenshot to the pasteboard. Tap on Touche’s preferences and find more options available.

Until the latest MacBook Pro is delivered to your doorstep, download the two apps that can imitate the original Touch Bar. Touche from Red Sweater seems less complicated than Touch Bar Demo. We would suggest you should use both apps on your devices.

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After using above two apps you will be able to get Touch Bar on any other older version of Mac and iPad, share your experience and feedback with us on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus.

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