How to Hide Apps on iPhone and iPad

When you hide apps on your iPhone or iPad, basically you ensure that no other person can access contents or use any feature of those apps. Often, kids begin to play with your iPhone or iPad, where you may have stored your important data. In their joyful mood, they may delete or temper with your data. Here, it is important for you to prevent that unauthorized access apps, features, and contents. In other words, you need to hide apps on iPhone and iPad.

Restrictions or Parental Controls can be your faithful companion to protect the privacy of your data. Explore this feature on your iPhone or iPad and you can prevent any infiltration of any other person into your apps or contents.

How to Hide Apps on iPhone and iPad

How to Hide Apps on iPhone and iPad

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How to Hide Stock Apps

First off, you need to enable Restrictions passcode on your iPhone or iPad.

Once you have enabled Restrictions passcode, you can hide stock apps like Calendar, Camera, FaceTime and others.

Note that, you must remember this Restrictions passcode to use this feature in future. If you ever forgot this passcode, follow the method to reset forgotten Restrictions passcode on iPhone and iPad. Then you can reset your Restrictions passcode on iOS device.

Step #1: Launch Settings app on your iPhone or iPad.

Open Settings App on iPhone
Step #2:
Now, tap on General.

Step #3: Tap on Restrictions.

Step #4: Enter your iPhone or iPad Restrictions passcode here.

Enter Restrictions Passcode in iPhone and iPad

Step #5: Here, under the ALLOW section, you will find your stock apps; simply toggle the button OFF to hide stock apps on your iPhone or iPad.

By doing so, you prevent others from accessing stock apps data and making in-app purchases in the apps like iTunes and App Store. You can also hide apps like Camera and FaceTime to stop strangers from clicking photos and calling others using FaceTime app.

Similarly, you can also hide downloaded apps on your iPhone or iPad.

How to Hide Third-Party Apps

Normally, you download third-party apps from your App Store (hence, they are downloaded apps); you can hide these downloaded apps by following a simple method.

Step #1: Open Settings and then tap on General.

Launch Settings and tap on General on iPhone and iPad

Step #2: Next, you need to tap on Restrictions.

Step #3: Type in your iPhone/iPad Restrictions passcode.

Enter Restrictions Passcode in iPhone and iPad

Step #4: Under the stock apps list, you will find ALLOWED CONTENT.

Step #5: Here, tap on Apps.

Step #6: Now you need to choose either age group or simply tap on “Don’t Allow Apps”. When you choose certain age groups, some apps will disappear or will be hidden on your device. And when you select Don’t Allow Apps, all your third-party or downloaded apps will be hidden.

Hide Apps on iPhone and iPad

Now go back to your phone’s home screen and check which apps are hidden on your iPhone and iPad. Remember, this method helps you hide apps, and they are not deleted from your devices. Whenever you want to use those hidden apps, simply follow the above method and unhide stock and downloaded apps on your iPhone and iPad.

How to Hide Photos and Videos on iPhone and iPad

A stranger, once got access to your phone’s lock screen, can also explore Photos app, where you have stored your sweet memories. Well, you must prevent that person from misusing your photos and videos. We have a dedicated tutorial on how to hide photos on your iPhone or iPad.

That’s all friends!

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Use above methods and keep your data, apps, and contents protected on your iPhone or iPad. Parental Controls enables you to keep a check on your phone data; make the most of this feature and share your feedback with us on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus.

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