Making offensive comments on social media is a rising menace today, and every polite user would never welcome such harassment. Instagrammers are victimized by some social media rioters with harassment comments. If you are using iPhone or iPad to upload photos and receiving such unacceptable comments, you can hide inappropriate comments in Instagram on your iPhone or iPad.

The Comments section in Instagram has got two filters: Automatic Filter and Manual Filter. You can hide offensive comments by using Automatic Filter in Instagram on your iOS device as well as Android. The filter automatically hides comments that may be offensive from your posts.

Note that you can also use Turn Off Commenting feature after uploading your photo on Instagram.

How to Hide Inappropriate Comments in Instagram on iPhone or iPad

How to Filter Offensive and Inappropriate Comments in Instagram on iPhone and iPad

Step #1: Open Instagram on your iPhone.

Step #2: Now tap on profile icon seen at the bottom right corner.

Step #3: Next, tap on the settings icon (cogwheel).

Tap on Settings in Instagram on iPhone

Step #4: Then scroll down to Settings, below which, you will find Comments; tap on it.

Tap on Comments in Instagram on iPhone and iPad

Step #5: Under the Automatic Filter, toggle Hide Offensive Comments ON.

Hide Offensive Comments in Instagram on iPhone and iPad

Normally, this option will be turned on by default. But in case, you find it deactivated, you can enable it to hide inappropriate comments.

Under Automatic Filter, you will also see Manual Filter, which helps you enable keyword filters. By using this filter, you can hide comments that contain specific words or phrases from your posts.

Enable Manual Filter in Instagram on iPhone and iPad

Block Offensive Words in Comments on Instagram Post on iPhone and iPad

Hide Commonly Reported Words in Instagram Post on iPhone and iPad

Simply turn on ‘Enable Keyword Filters’ under Manual Filter. When you toggle the switch on, a new option will appear below: Use Default Keywords. This option will hide comments that contain commonly reported keywords from your posts.

That’s all friends!

You can disable “Hide Offensive Comments” by turning off the switch.

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