How to Install Custom Watch Faces on Your Android Wear Smartwatch

Smart is the device that allows you to customize as per your choice and preferences. And if you are using Android devices, customization becomes easier than ever.

Of late, people have begun to develop fascination for customization of Android Wear watch faces.

Customization in Android Wear is super easy. Even if you are an iOS user, you are welcome to the party!

There are many iPhone users, who do not like to sync their smartphones with Apple Watch. There can be as many reasons as there are users. So let’s not get into the reasons but find the results.

How to Install Custom Android Wear Watch Faces on Your Smartwatch


How to Sideload Watch Faces on Android Wear

If you like to install any watch face on your Android Wear, you need to sideload any APK to your Android Wear. Keep a computer ready to use during this process.

Step #1: First off, download and install Android Developer Tools on your computer (whether it is Windows, Linux or Mac OS X).

There are more complicated ways to do this; for that, you need to download adb and Google USB Drivers.

Step #2: Now enable developer mode on your smartwatch. You need to follow the same method as you do with your Android smartphone. Launch Settings → About section → Keep tapping the Build Number until your smartwatch confirms your status as developer.

Step #3: Go back to Settings and open Developer Options to enable ADB Debugging.

Here, you can keep Bluetooth debugging disabled as sideloading will take place over USB.

Step #4: Select any watch face APK and change the APK extension from .apk to .zip.

Step #5: Next, pull out this zip file and find the real APK file. You can explore this file in /res/raw.

Step #6: Now is the time to sync your smartwatch with your computer through USB.

The above steps are common to OS X, Linux and Windows system; from now onwards, ways will part. For OS X and Linux users, things will remain the same.


How To Install Custom Android Wear Watch Faces Via Mac

How To Install Custom Android Wear Watch Faces Via Mac

Step #1: Launch Terminal (in Macintosh HD → Applications → Utilities) and sync your smartwatch with your computer through USB.

Step #2: Enter the command: ./adb install (do not hit the Enter key on computer).

Step #3: Once you finish writing the command, add location of APK you like to sideload.

You can do this by entering the path manually or simply drag the APK file on Terminal window. Now the command should look like: ./adb install /Macintosh\ HD/locationofapk/apk.apk

Step #4: Next, hit the Enter key and allow adb to do its job. The entire sideloading process will be finished in a minute or so.

You may have to wait for the result, so have some patience.

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How To Install Custom Watch Faces on Android Wear Via Windows

Step #1: Launch command prompt by entering cmd in search bar. Write the command adb devices to check everything is running smooth. This confirms that your computer can see your smartwatch. If it can see, you will most probably get a serial number with the ‘device’ next to the number.

Step #2: Enter adb install (do not press Enter).

Step #3: After this, add the location of APK you wish to sideload.

You can do this by writing the path manually or just drag the APK file onto command prompt window.

Your command should look like this: adb install C:\Users\BestUserEver\locationofapk\apk.apk

Step #4: Once this is done, hit the Enter button and adb will handle the rest. This process may take a minute or two so relax.

On the blog, this information may look tedious, but once you take things in your hands, you can quickly wrap up everything. Once the watch faces installed on your smartwatch, you can choose them on your watch directly. You can also select them in your Android Wear app.

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