How to install iOS 10 Beta 2 on iPhone and iPad

WWDC 2016 keynote was quite impressive with many features unveiled by top officials of Apple. It took them more than two hours to announce all the important iOS 10 features on June 13. Attendees and viewers were more interested in the announcement of iOS 10 as it was the chief attraction of the entire event.

Developer community was keener to listen to iOS 10 updates as they can now develop new apps and update existing ones based on the new features announced. Now they want to download the beta version of iOS 10 on their iPhones and iPads. Before you download and install iOS 10 on your iPhone and iPad, check your Apple Developer’s account, if it is expired, need to renew the same. Also take full backup of your iOS device on iCloud or iTunes.

How to install iOS 10 Beta on iPhone and iPad

Now you can assign your iOS device for development and testing. If you have already assigned your iOS devices, jump the steps and go ahead with installation of iOS 10 Beta 2 using configuration profile.

Step #1: Open Apple’s Developer account link.

Step #2: Log in with your Apple ID and password.

Step #3: Now click on Certificates, Identifiers, and Profiles.

Step #4: From the left navigation panel, click on All under Devices.

Step #5: Add your iOS device by clicking on + button from the top right corner.

You will be prompted to add your UDID of iOS device. To check UDID of your iOS device, you need to connect your iPhone or iPad with iTunes and follow a few easy steps.

  • Connect your iOS device with your Mac or Windows computer with lightning cable.
  • Click on iTunes.
  • Locate your iOS device icon near the drop-down menu in the iTunes menu and tab area.
  • Click on that iPhone icon.
  • Now click on the Serial Number label, which will change to UDID.
  • To copy the number, right click on UDID and then click on Copy. Paste this UDID number in a notepad and then go back to Developer’s website of Apple.

Step #6: Type in your device name and paste that UDID number of your iOS device.

Step #7: Click on Continue button.

Step #8: You will be asked to review the details. Once you review the details, click on Register button and then on Done.

The registration process is now completed.

Now install iOS 10 Beta 2 using Configuration Profile.

Step #1: First of all, you need to download the Configuration Profile from the Apple’s Developer download page.

Note that Apple allows you to download the Configuration Profile on your iOS device directly; once you download this, you can follow the installation instructions. Apart from this step, you can save the file to the hard disk of Mac or Windows PC and then email the file to your account on iPhone. On your iPhone, simply tap on the Configuration Profile in mail and follow the installation instructions.

Step #2: Connect your iOS device to any power source and then connect to the Wi-Fi Internet.

Step #3: Launch Settings app on iOS device.

Step #4: Now tap on General and then Software Update.

Step #5: Tap on Download and then Install.

Step #6: Tap on Update Now and tap Install.

You may be asked to enter your passcode.

Use iTunes to Install iOS 10 Beta 2

Once your device’s UDID is registered successfully, click on the Platform link seen in the navigation bar at the top.

Step #1: Now click on iOS and then Download.

Step #2: Choose your iOS device’s model from the drop-down menu under Restore Image. Make sure that you have installed the latest version of iTunes.

Download Xcode 8 Beta

For successful installation of iOS 10 Beta, you also need to download Xcode 8 Beta from Developer website. You will locate download link on the same page as you have found iOS 10 beta download.

Install iOS 10 Beta 2 on iPhone and iPad

Users can install iOS 10 Beta using Xcode or iTunes; the latter is easier to use while installing the iOS Beta and therefore, we will give you a complete method of installing iOS 10 Beta using iTunes. Note that using iTunes is the preferred method by app testers.

Step #1: Launch iTunes.

Step #2: Sync up your iOS device with Mac or Windows PC with lightning cable.

Step #3: Locate your iOS device icon near the drop-down menu in the iTunes menu and tab area. Click on the iPhone icon.

Step #4: Press and hold Option key in Mac (Shift key in Windows PC) and then locate the Update button.

Step #5: Select the .ipsw file and click on the Open button.

There can be a pop-up from iTunes telling you that you that it will erase your iOS device and install iOS 10.

Step #6: Click OK to continue.

Step #7: Once your device is rebooted, you will see a “Slide to Upgrade” slider. Swipe on it and go ahead.

Step #8: Your iOS device will restart and you will see ‘Hello’ text. Now swipe on the ‘Slide to setup’ slider and tap on Continue.

Now follow the instructions seen on your iOS device screen to setup your device.

It’s done! You are now ready to experience iOS 10 on your iPhone or iPad. You can share your experience or problems you have faced while exploring the latest version of iOS. We are keen to listen to your comments and feedback on Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter.
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