Facebook is undoubtedly the most popular social media platform where people discuss and exchange some harmless personal matters. Like our real life, on FB too we boast about more number of friends, and therefore, we keep sending friend’s request to many.

But when our request is not reciprocated, we may take it to heart as we expected acceptance from our friends or maybe our friends’ friends. But how will you come to know who has ignored your friend request? Well, Facebook allows you to find that person.

How to See Who has ignored Your Friend Request on Facebook

How To Know If Your Facebook Friend Request is Blocked:

Step #1: Open Facebook and log in with your Email ID & Password.

Step #2: Now click on “Friend requests” icon (you can see silhouettes of two busts).


click on “Friend requests” icon

Step #3: Scroll down and click on “See all”.

click on See all

Step #4: Click on “View Sent Requests” from under “Respond to Your Friend Request”.

Click on “View Sent Requests”

Now you can see all your so-called friends, whom you have sent friend requests. Keep clicking on ‘See More Requests’ and more such friends will be displayed.

You have two choice: either send friend request again or forget those friends. If you want to forget, just take the mouse on the “Friend request sent” button. You will see a drop-down menu with some options. Last option is ‘Cancel request’. Just click on this option and your friend request will be cancelled.

Facebook will ask your confirmation: Are you sure you want to cancel this friend request? Click on ‘Cancel Request’ and the request will be cancelled forever. Goodbye and good riddance…

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