How to Listen to FM Radio on Android Phones

A simple Android phone offers so many built-in features that you can’t think of even in a Jailbroken iOS device. In spite of countless default features, there are many users who like to root their Android devices. On the other hand, some pro Android users are right in their own way as many Android devices lack in FM radio.

So what is the solution to listen to FM Radio on Android smartphones? Well, there are some phones that have FM tuners, some phones’ tuners are disabled by mobile operators, and some phones have no radio tuner at all.

There is no single solution to this problem; you need to download some third-party FM Radio apps that can let you listen to FM radio on your Android phones.

Best FM Radio Apps for Android Phones

Solution #1: NextRadio

NextRadio works smoothly on your Android device, which has FM radio tuner but doesn’t have stock app to access it. The app can be set up easily on your Android phone; simply install the app and you can tune in live FM broadcasts.

Many mobile carriers join hands with device makers and disable FM tuner chips only to get users to use more mobile data. You can check this list of supported devices and carriers to ensure that your phone is compatible with NextRadio.

Download NextRadio

Solution #2: Spirit FM

If NextRadio fails to give any result or your device is not compatible with the app, your device probably doesn’t have FM tuner at all. However, you can get the thing done by rooting your Android phone.

You can download Spirit FM, which uses your phone’s active receiver chips to tune to FM; for this, your phone must be running AOSP firmware like CyanogenMod or stock Android. The app comes at a price tag of $6.99 with a refund window of 30 days.

Many inexperienced users find it difficult to go through this complex set-up. For such users, there is a developer’s support forum where they can raise queries and find answers.

Download Spirit FM

Solution #3: Digital Radio

If the above two options fail to yield any positive result, blame your device, which doesn’t have hardware needed to tune to FM frequencies. As a last resort, you need to install digital radio apps that can stream music over Wi-Fi network or mobile data (the latter option is not advisable).

You can download two of the most popular digital radio apps: iHeartRadio and TuneIn. Both the apps are available on Google Play Store for free. Download and install both apps and enjoy your favourite local radio stations.

Download iHeartRadio | Download TuneIn

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