Conference call on iPhone is needed when you have to discuss something important on phone. If you have iPhone X, iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus, or other iPhones, you can easily merge two or more calls and talk about your business or any important things with more than one person. Take a few steps on your iPhone and you will be able to merge calls on your iPhone. For detailed method, follow the steps to merge or make conference call on iPhone.

Note that conference calling is a default service provided by most mobile service providers or carriers in all countries. However, if you are not able to make group calls on your iPhone, you can talk to your carrier in this regard.You can merge up to five calls on iPhone at a time to turn them into a conference call.

How to Merge Calls on iPhone to Make Conference Call in iOS 11

How to Make Conference Call on iPhone in iOS 11

Step #1: Open the Phone app from the Home screen of your iPhone.

Step #2: Select any one contact you want to talk first; you can find the contact from Favorites, Recents or Contacts menu in the Phone app.

Step #3: Tap on Contact name and then tap on Call button.

Step #4: When the receiver picks up your phone, you can see below screen on your iPhone.

iPhone Calling Screen

Step #5: Here, to start a conference call, tap on ‘add call’ option with ‘+’ icon.

Tap on Add Call on iPhone

Step #6: You are not landed on Contacts screen, from where you have to select another contact to add that contact into group call.

Choose the contact to make conference call

Step #7: Select the contact and tap on call icon. You can see that the first person who has called is not put on HOLD. And your phone is calling the second person.

Merge two or More iPhone Calls

Step #8: When the second person picks up your call, you can see that ‘merge calls’ icon where you had seen ‘add call’ option.

Step #9: Tap on ‘merge calls’ your conference call is started.

Merge two or More iPhone Calls

You can see that once you have initiated conference call with two contacts, the ‘add call’ icon reappears on your phone screen. If you want to add third person to the conference, you can add by following the above steps.

How to Remove Someone From Conference Call on iPhone

Alternatively, if any person disconnects phone, s/he will be removed from conference call. In case you want to remove a specific person from the conference call, follow the steps.

Step #1: When you are in conference, tap on (i) button next to the contact names involved in the conference.

Remove a Specific Person from Conference Call

Step #2: On the Conference screen, tap on End button; you need to tap on End button under the name of the contact who you want to remove from the conference.

Tap on End to Remove Particular Person from Merge call on iPhone

The person will be removed from the conference, while your conversation will continue with the other person.

That’s it!

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There are many users, who have complained about echo sound during the conference calls. Do you face any such issue while merging calls on your iPhone? How often do you make conference calls? Share your feedback with us on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus.


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