Video calling on Amazon Echo Spot and Echo Show is an exciting way to talk to your loved ones. Moreover, it is also the best tool for business communication between two persons geographically located far away. By installing a screen on their smart speakers, Amazon has successfully integrated this video calling feature on its popular Show and Spot; the latter has nearly replaced the alarm clocks from your bedside. If you want to make video call on Amazon Echo Show or Echo Spot by using Alexa, here is how.

A video call with Alexa on Amazon Echo and Echo Spot adds more spice to your conversation – whether it’s personal or professional. Note that Amazon has already rolled out voice calling feature on Alexa devices. And now this addition is most welcome by users, who own different Echo devices at home. The use of multiple devices has opened two more opportunities for users, who can now enjoy multi-room audio music and Drop IN.

Before you go for video calling on your Echo device with screen, you need to set up Alexa for calling and sending voice message.

How to Make Video Call with Alexa on Amazon Echo Show and Echo Spot

How to Setup Alexa for Calling and Sending Voice Message from Amazon Echo

Step #1: First, update your Alexa app on your smart phone. For this purpose, launch App Store or Google Play Store and update the app.

Step #2: Next, open the recently Alexa app; the app will greet you with an introduction to the latest calling and messaging features. Then, you are required to tap on ‘Get Started’ button from the bottom.

Step #3: Now, select your name.

Step #4: You need to confirm your first and last name, and then tap on ‘Continue’ button.

Step #5: Give Alexa necessary permission in order that the app can access your contacts stored on your smart phone. Tap on ‘Allow’ button.

Step #6: Then, you need to enter your phone number to connect it with Echo and tap on ‘Continue’.

Note that if any person from your contacts has set up this feature on his/her Echo device, s/he will appear in your Alexa contacts automatically.

Step #7: When your phone number is entered, a verification code will be sent to you, and you have to enter that code in the screen that follow and hit ‘Continue’.

Step #8: This will take you to Conversations screen in Alexa app, where your messages will appear.

Step #9: Finally, you will be able to access the all the contacts to make calls and send messages by tapping on the profile icon.

On the screen, you can see all the contacts, who have setup Amazon Echo calling and messaging settings.

How to Make Video Calls on Amazon Echo Show and Echo Spot

There are two ways you can make video calls on Echo devices: by using Alexa app and speaking Alexa commands. First, we will deal with the method of video calls via Alexa app and then by using commands. Note that you can make video calls only to the person, who owns Echo Show or Echo Spot.

Step #1: Launch Alexa app on your smartphone.

Step #2: Now tap on the message icon (speech bubble) from the bottom of your phone screen.

Step #3: From the top right corner, tap on Contacts option.

If you are using this app for the first time, Alexa needs your permission to access contacts of your phone book. If you want to make calls, tap on Allow. For first timers, they are also required to enter a valid mobile number and confirm it.

Step #4: Next, you can see a list of people you can call with your Echo; tap on any person’s name to view information.

Step #5: You will see three different icons below the name of the person; the icons stand for message, call, and video call.

Step #6: Want to make a video call on Echo Show, simply say, “Alexa, Call Jayesh Purohit” and Alexa will dial the number of Jayesh Purohit saved in your Alexa app. Remember, that video calling happens only when the receiver has got Echo Show device or Echo Spot.

In case you are using Alexa app to video call, simply tap on the video call icon as mentioned in step 5. Once Alexa starts the call, speak, “Alexa, video on”. This will enable you to enjoy video calling on your Show device. If the contact has an Alexa device with screen, you will see a video icon in the Alexa contact list.

To stop the video calling, simply say, “Alexa, video off”. To end your call, simply say, “Alexa, end call” or “Alexa, hang up”.

That’s it!

Enjoy your video calls on Amazon Echo Show and Spot.

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