How to Manage Alexa Voice Purchasing Settings from iPhone or Android

When you register your Alexa-enabled device, voice purchasing feature is turned on by default. As long as your Echo devices take your commands, your world is full of roses, but when the same Echo devices begin voice purchasing without your knowledge, you are in the soup. If you are in the habit of placing orders using Alexa, you should also manage Alexa voice purchasing settings from your iPhone or Android devices.

While you are shopping items from Amazon by using Alexa, any other person (a guest or a stranger) can do the same using his/her voice. If you have not set up or created Alexa voice profiles or have not set up voice training sessions, your Echo devices will quickly take orders from strangers. In this situation, you can prevent your guest from placing orders either by setting Alexa voice code or by managing voice purchasing settings on Alexa.

How to Manage Alexa Voice Purchasing Settings on iPhone or Android

How to Manage Alexa Voice Purchasing Settings from iPhone or Android Devices

By updating or changing your voice purchasing settings, you can stop others from buying digital and physical products from Amazon.

Step #1: Launch Alexa app on your iOS or Android device.

Step #2: Now tap on menu button (hamburger icon) from the top left corner.

Tap on Menu button in Alexa App on iPhone and Android Phones

Step #3: From the drop-down list, tap on Settings.

Tap on Settings button in Alexa App on iPhone and Android Phones

Step #4: Next, you need to tap on Voice Purchasing.

Tap on Voice Purchasing button in Alexa App on iPhone and Android Phones

Step #5: You can see there is an option labeled “Require confirmation code” under “Purchase by voice” option.

Here, you are required to enter a four-digit PIN, and tap on SAVE CHANGES.

From now onwards, if any stranger, that person has to speak out that PIN code loudly to finish the purchase.

How to Turn On/Off Alexa Voice Purchasing

Purchase by voice: You can use toggle to turn voice purchasing on or off.

This option of Purchase by voice is available in Settings → Voice Purchasing.

In case you are not willing to use voice purchasing, simply turn the option off.

Note: You can choose View payment settings to view and manage 1-Click payment method, which is needed to use voice purchasing.

Enable and Disable Voice Codes for Alexa Voice Purchasing

When you turn on voice code, your voice profiles will help you make it quicker and easier to finish voice shopping purchases.

Once you have set up a voice profile, Alexa will ask you to speak voice code when you or other users in your household try to make purchases. After this instance, Alexa begins to recognize your voice and it will not ask you to speak that code to make purchases.

You can manage this setting by using the toggle next to Allow recognized speakers to purchase without the voice code after giving it just once:

If you have set the toggle to ON, your recognized speakers in your household will have to speak the voice code once (that is the first time they try to make purchases after setting up a voice profile).

In case you have set the toggle to OFF, your recognized speakers in a household need to speak the voice code to finish all Alexa purchases.

Help: You can set the toggle to OFF if you wish Alexa to ask for the voice code every time you (or other members of your household) try to make a purchase on shared Alexa devices.

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