On your fourth generation Apple TV, you can move, force quite and delete apps with a Siri Remote. You can organize the home screen of Apple TV with Siri Remote, which is also perfect for getting things in order. Use the remote’s gesture-supported trackpad and buttons, which are comfortably placed.

How to Move, Force Quit, and Delete Apps Using Siri Remote on Apple TV

How to Put an App into Wiggly Mode

Until you put an app into wiggle mode, you cannot delete or move it. Once you make the apps wiggle, they are mere puppets in your hands.

Step #1: Switch on Apple TV.

Step #2: Choose an app you wish to put in wiggle mode.

Step #3: Now you need to press and hold on the trackpad on Siri Remote. The pad is just above the Menu button; it is in matte-finish, so your finger feels better upon touch.

Step #4: Keep your finger pressed on the trackpad until the app hovers and starts to wiggle.

When the apps are in wiggle mode, you can rule them like a dictator.

How to Move and Rearrange Apps on Apple TV

Step #1: Choose an app icon with the help of Siri Remote’s touch pad; next, click and hold on the icon.

If you are using a third-party controller, you should use D-pad to choose an icon and then press and hold A.

Step #2: Once the icon begins to wiggle, release your finger or the A button and use the track pad (or D-pad) to move the app around the Home screen of your Apple TV.

Step #3: Click or press A to Exit mode when you find the perfect location to place that app.

How to Delete Apps from Apple TV

Step #1: With the help of your Siri Remote touch pad, choose an app icon and click and hold on that icon. Users, who are using third-party controllers, they should use D-pad to choose an app icon and then press and hold A.

Step #2: Now press the Play/Pause button (on third-party controllers, it is X).

Step #3: Finally, press Delete.

You can repeat both the above methods until the Home screen on your Apple TV looks decent and the way you wished.

How to Force Quit an App on Apple TV

Step #1: Click the Home button to come back to Home screen on your Apple TV.

Step #2: Next, double-click the Home button to launch multitasking mode. If you are using third-party controllers, you won’t find a button that takes you to Home.

Step #3: Swipe either left or right to choose the app you want to force quit or close.

Step #4: Now swipe up to force quit the selected app.

Step #5: Finally, click the Home button again to come back to Home screen of Apple TV.

So this is how you can move, force quit, and delete apps on your Apple TV with the help of Siri Remote.

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