Auto-playing audios and videos are extremely irritating when you are browsing websites on Chrome. While Safari has already rolled out a cool feature to prevent audios and videos from auto-playing, it is now Chrome that has come up with a fairly good solution to mute website in chrome on Mac and Windows  PC.

By muting entire website in Chrome, you can turn off sound on websites like CNN, CNET and other websites that produce news and sports-related contents. The moment you open that website, it begins to play audio or video. If you have not muted the sound on your computer or laptop, you may face an angry stare from persons sitting or sleeping around. Not anymore! We have found a simple way to stop websites from auto-playing contents – whether videos or audios. Note that you can also block these audios or videos on specific websites (as mentioned above).

Note: Mute tab option is now replaced with Mute site option in chrome 64.0.3282.167 version.

How to Mute Website in Chrome on Mac and Windows PC

Why should you stop a website from auto-playing videos/audios?

Imagine you are working on a project till late night. In your bedroom, your spouse and kids are in deep slumber. All of a sudden an audio or video begins to play when you open a particular website. This obviously disturbs your family members, who are simply not interested in what you are doing. Keeping videos and audios silent is the best way to continue with your project without causing any interruption.

How to Mute/Unmute Entire Web Site in Chrome on Windows PC and Mac

How to Mute Website in Chrome on Mac or Windows PC

Make sure you are using Chrome 64 or later version on your Computer, If not then just click on three horizontal dots from the upper right corner and then select helpAbout Google Chrome.

Step #1: Launch Chrome browser on Mac or Windows PC.

Step #2: Open the URL/Website on which you want to stop auto-playing audio/videos.

Step #3: Simply, right click on the tab bar or Window title bar for the site that is playing sound.

Right click on the tab bar or Window title bar for the Site you want to mute auto playing videos or audios in chrome on Mac and Windows PC

Step #4: Finally, click on Mute Site option from the popup menu.

Mute Entire Website in Chrome on Mac and Windows PC

Alternatively, you can also click on Window menu from the chrome menu bar and choose a mute site.

Mute Auto Playing Audio or Video for Entire Website in Chrome on Mac and Windows PC

When you apply this mute feature, it will work on that entire website and not only on that webpage being explored by you.

After applying it you will immediately see a mute icon in site tab bar.

Stop Auto Playing Videos or Audio Sound for Entire Website in Chrome on Mac and Windows PC

Later on, you can un-mute the entire site if you wish to listen to those unwanted videos and audios.

How to Un-mute a Website in Chrome on Mac and Windows PC

Step #1: Open Chrome browser on your MacBook or Computer and navigate to the URL/website you want to unblock.

Step #2: Now you just need to right click on windows title bar or tab bar of the muted site.

Step #3: Select Unmute Site.

UN-Mute Entire Website in Chrome on Windows PC or Mac

Alternatively, you can click on Windows menu from the top chrome menu bar and then click on Mute site again to start auto-playing videos/audios.

Un-Block Auto Playing Video or Audio for Entire Website in Chrome on Mac and Windows PC

That’s it friends!!

Muting and un-muting sites are super easy! You can use both the features during different parts of a day. If you are browsing a website during the day, keep the site un-muted, and during the night, keep it mute.

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