Apple TV is a great entertainment device and if you have one, then you should already be aware of all the wonderful features it provides you. If you are a night person or someone who tries to relax overnight with a movie or a game, then you will definitely need to use a good pair of headphones, especially iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus Bluetooth headphones you probably have purchased recently to avoid a tangled clutter. Enjoy your entertainment on your Apple TV while cutting down on the sound by following the below given simple process.

How to Pair and Use Bluetooth Headphones with Apple TV

How to Connect/Pair Bluetooth Headphones with Apple TV

Step 1: Place your headphones ready for pairing in pairing mode

Step 2: In your Apple TV Home screen, navigate to Settings

Step 3: Now tap on Remotes and Devices

Step 4: Tap on Bluetooth

Step 5: Allow it to seek and locate Bluetooth devices

Step 6: Your headphones will show up and when it does, select it from the list

Step 7: Certain Bluetooth devices need a Pin. If such a prompt appears, you can enter the pin.

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How to Unpair/Disconnect Bluetooth headphones from Apple TV

After having paired it, if you wish to temporarily remove your headphones from the Apple TV, just turn them off. If you wish to completely unpair the headphones, use the steps given below:

Step 1: In your Apple TV Home screen, navigate to Settings

Step 2: Select Remotes and Devices

Step 3: Click Bluetooth

Step 4: Locate your headphones from the list and select them

Step 5: Select Forget Device once again to confirm

How to Switch Audio Outputs on Apple TV

You may at times want to keep the Bluetooth headphones connected and temporarily change audio outputs. This can be done by using the following steps.

Step 1: Navigate to Settings in the Home screen and then go to Audio and Video and then to Audio Output

Step 2: Select the audio output that you wish to use.

Hope now you find it easy to pair your Bluetooth Headphones/Speaker with Apple TV using our simple steps. Try and let us know. Share your feedback with us on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus.


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