Pairing Android wear smartwatch with Android phone should be your priority once you buy any Android wear. In a few simple steps, you can pair your smart wear with your Android phone. Need of this information emerges as people are buying smartwatches to perform many tasks they don’t want to do on their smartphones. Whether it is calling, reading messages, mails or updating calendar app – your smartwatch can do all these functions.

So if you have got one Android smartwatch, get ready to pair it with your Android smartphone. Before you connect your watch with your phone, switch on your smartwatch and ensure that it is in close proximity with your smartphone. Your watch should be connected to power source during this process. And your Android phone should be connected with Wi-Fi or mobile data. Try to open any website on your Android phone; for example, type in in the browser to ensure that your phone is connected to Internet.

How to Pair Android Wear SmartWatch with Phone

Next, download and install Android Wear app on your Android smartphone. Open Google Play Store and search for Android Wear app and install the app on your phone. Next, open the Android Wear app on your phone and follow the instructions given on screen.

Upon opening Android Wear app on your smartphone, you may be asked to update your Google app and reinstall Android Wear app. Here, you need to follow a few steps as mentioned below:

Step #1: Update your Google app.

Step #2: Uninstall the Android Wear app.

Step #3: Now, reinstall the Android Wear app.

Step #4: Finally, launch the Android Wear app and move to the next section.

Now, follow the steps mentioned below.

How to Pair Android Wear with New Phone

Step #1: Turn on the Bluetooth on your Android phone.

Step #2: Check the nearby devices on your phone.

Step #3: Now tap on your Android wear’s name.

If you don’t know your smartwatch’s name, check watch’s screen, and it will display the name.

Step #4: Next, you can see a pairing code on your smartphone and smartwatch. Make sure that the codes match.

Step #5: On your phone, tap on Pair button.

Step #6: Now tap on Pair on your smartwatch.

This process will pair your watch and you can see a confirmation message on your phone. This procedure will take some time.

Note that depending on when you purchased your smartwatch, your watch may automatically download and install an update. A downloading screen will appear on the watch and it will restart automatically.

Now follow the onscreen instructions on your phone to switch on watch notifications.

Step #1: Check the box next to Android Wear.

You will be prompted to enable Android Wear.

Step #2: Tap on OK button.

Step #3: Now tap on the back button on your phone.

This allows your watch to show notifications. It is done! Now you can use your Android smartwatch.

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