Facebook doesn’t cease to surprise its users with awesome additions in its Messenger app. A couple of days back, this arguable leader in social media has invited users to play chess on in Messenger app.

Now there is one more game added to the Messenger. And this time, you need to move your legs instead of mind, of course on the screen of your Android phone. It’s basketball that Facebook allows its users to play in Messenger app. It seems somebody in the Facebook team has got real passion for March Madness!

But how is it possible to play basketball in Messenger app? Facebook has released a small update for Messenger app. If a user types in the basketball emoji, s/he can enable the game and play with other users on the app.

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As of now, you may not find basketball emoji in the list; you can copy and paste ? this emoji in the list. Send that emoji to your friend and click it to start the game. You will find a basketball positioned in different places on your phone’s screen; all you need to do is to swipe up and toss the ball into basket. You can challenge your friend to toss the ball into basket for more times.


As you register more goals, game throws tougher challenges. After securing 10 points, the backboard starts moving, and after 20, it gains speed. I couldn’t beat 20, hence, don’t know how much tougher challenges are in store. If you have achieved that pro-level, you can share your feedback with us.

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If you start panting after some tough play, get some rest by starting @FBChess. Here, you need to squeeze your nerves. And if both these games suck you, why don’t you just type in @Dailycute? Go ahead and try this funny stuff! One request: don’t send this to your girlfriend…


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