How to AirPlay Music on Multiple HomePods Without Using AirPlay 2

There can be no doubt or debate on the excellent sound quality of HomePod, and perhaps this is why people want more from this smart alec. The full-room stereo pairing is need of the hour, and Apple is likely to launch this feature along with AirPlay 2 before the year ends. But who wants to wait that long? However, you can use two different methods to AirPlay music on Multiple HomePods without using AirPlay 2 and create a stereo-like sound that gives you multi-room music experience.

You can create stereo HomePod pair without AirPlay 2 on Mac or Windows PC and on your iPhone or iPad using a software piece and an app. It goes without saying that you need to download the software on your Mac or Windows computer and use an app on iOS devices to create wireless whole-house audio. Note that during the process, you do not have to rely on AirPlay 2 to play music on two or more HomePods, which is not available yet. (if you are using iOS 11.4 then do check this post for setting up a stereo Pair with two HomePods)

How to Play Music on Multiple HomePods Without Using AirPlay 2

How to AirPlay Music on Multiple HomePods from iPhone, iPad, Mac or Windows PC

First, we will discuss the method of using AirFoil on Mac or Windows PC to create a stereo HomePod pair.

How to Create a Stereo HomePod Pair Using AirFoil on Mac or Windows PC

Presenting AirFoil for Mac and Windows computer. By using this audio tool, you can easily create multi-room setup between AirPlay and Bluetooth speakers/devices.

Step #1: Download AirFoil on your Mac or Windows computer. The software can be downloaded from the website of Rogue Amoeba; it is available at $29 and also available for free trial.

Step #2: When the software is downloaded, copy it to the Application folder.

Step #3: Next, launch the software and choose the audio source.

An add-on is required if your audio source is iTunes; the add-on is free to use and it can be downloaded in no time.

Step #4: Now go to the Application folder on macOS and locate the AirFoil file.

Step #5: Then you are supposed to right-click on file and choose “Duplicate”.

This will generate a duplicate application of AirFoil; next, launch both the copies.

Step #6: When both copies of AirFoil open, you need to choose the HomePod which is on the right side of the configuration.

Step #7: Here, you have to click on equalizer icon on the top and drag the ‘Balance’ slider to the right side. This will play only the right channel through the smart speaker.

Step #8: Similarly, on the other copy of AirFoil, you need to select the HomePod that is on the left side of configuration. Click on equalizer icon on the top and drag the ‘Balance’ slider to the left. This will play only the left channel through the speaker.

That’s all friends!

You have set up a stereo HomePod configuration with AirFoil. In the absence of Mac or Windows PC, you can AirPlay to two or more HomePods from your iPhone or iPad.

How to Create Stereo HomePods On iPhone and iPad

Logit Ltd. has developed an app that will help you AirPlay to multiple HomePods on your iPhone or iPad. You can use this app on your iOS device running iOS 6 or later. But it comes with a price tag of $9.99.

Step #1: Download WHAALE Multiroom Player on your iPhone or iPad, and open the app.

Step #2: Next, shut down the Help menu and go to the speaker menu.

Step #3: Now, you are supposed to drag both HomePods to the stage and choose audio button.

Make sure that both speakers have checkmarks next to them.

Step #4: Finally, you can start streaming songs to your speaker.

Explore the list of audio sources and choose the one to play.
You have to tap on iPod icon to see all your favorite albums, playlists, songs, and podcasts. You can tap to add your album or song, and your Siri speaker will begin to play.
The Main menu will show you a visual representation of iPhone streaming to the HomePods.

That’s all friends!

This is just a workaround and not something official from Apple Support. Until you get AirPlay 2, you can use above two methods to AirPlay to multiple HomePods.

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