How to Play Pokemon Go on Windows PC and Mac

From a fad that lives for a few days only, Pokemon Go has taken a shape of a phenomenon worldwide. Probably every smartphone owner is playing this game, irrespective of whether they are using Android or iOS devices.

This game dictates players to go out of their homes to search different Pokemon located in different locations. This certainly requires lot of energy as players have to walk around with their smartphones. For stay-at-home players, this is a big turn-off. There are a few ways such players can play Pokemon Go on iPhone/Android without going outside. But these methods obviously require a smartphone.

If any player wants to play Pokemon Go on computer or Mac, there is a workaround. This method doesn’t require any user to download and install Pokemon Go on your computer or Mac using an Android emulator. It is impossible and illegal as well. However, this workaround users screen mirroring and in this method, users need a smartphone running Pokemon Go.

How to Play Pokemon Go on PC and Mac

How to Download and Play Pokemon Go on PC and Mac

Vysor is a free app that allows you to mirror the screen of your Android smartphone on your computer or Mac. Note that playing Pokemon Go on computer/Mad never lets you search Pokemon in outdoor locations like bars, museums, malls or parks. This method also stops you from teaming up with others. However, you will face Pokemon and catch it indoors.

Before you go ahead, you need to enable USB debugging on your Android smartphone settings. Also enable developer options on your device because without enabling developer options, you cannot enable USB debugging.

Enable USB Debugging

Step #1: Launch Settings on your Android phone.

Step #2: Tap on About phone option.

Step #3: Tap Build number in quick succession for seven times.

You will see a message: Congratulations, you’re not a developer.

Step #4: Now go back to phone’s Settings menu and you will find Developer options at the bottom. Tap on this option.

Step #5: Here, you will find USB debugging mode option; enable this option.

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Download & Install Vysor on Chrome

Now download and install Vysor for Chrome from Chrome web browser. This extension works only on Chrome; you can’t use this trick on any other browsers like Firefox or Internet Explorer. Once Vysor is installed, you also need to download/install some ADB Android drivers.

Some users also download Vysor app on their Android smartphones from Google Play Store; but the fact is that Vysor is automatically downloaded when you connect your Android phone with computer.

After all drivers and extensions are installed, sync your smartphone with computer via USB cable. Select ‘enable USB debugging’ on your phone when you are asked.

A few seconds later, your smartphone screen will appear on the computer; this is mirror screen, which reflects your smartphone on your computer. Now you can launch Pokemon Go app on your computer and play it on a larger monitor of computer.

Just wait and see those little monsters approaching you. Note that your Android phone will send vibrating alerts to tell you that a Pokemon is close at hand. An easier way to grab a Pokemon is using your computer mouse.

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