How to Post Instagram Photos on Facebook Automatically

If you are a Facebook user, who also has an Instagram account or vice versa, then maybe the question – ‘how to post my Instagram photos on Facebook automatically?’ has crossed your mind. Well, that is something very easily possible, more so because Instagram is actually owned by Facebook.

So now, with a check tweaking, you can have your Instagram photos automatically posted on your Facebook page for your friends and family to see.

So without wasting any more times, let’s see how to automatically post Instagram photos on Facebook?

How to Post Instagram Photos to Facebook Automatically

How to Post Your Instagram Photos on Facebook  Business Page Automatically

Step #1. Open your Instagram app on your Phone.

Open Instagram App

Step #2. Then head on over to your Profile page (see the bottom menu) where you should see a gear-shaped icon at the top right corner. Tap it and you will be taken to the app settings.

Step #3. Under the SETTINGS section, you should see the ‘Linked Accounts’ option.

Step #4. From all the accounts available, select Facebook – as you are trying to connect Facebook with Instagram.

Select Facebook

Step #5. This will take you to the Facebook login screen and ask you to login into your account. Input your credentials and press Log In. Then a notification will come up saying that Instagram wants to connect with your Facebook account. Confirm the request.

Login with Facebook App and Give access to instagram

Step #6. After confirming it you will be returned back to your Instagram settings page. Both the accounts have now been linked.

Facebook Account Linked With Instragram Successfully

After you have gone through all these procedures, the next time you go and post a new picture into Instagram, there will come a second option that will allow you to share it directly on Facebook as well. The functionality, however, extends beyond the normal picture and works with videos and even live photos.

But do keep in mind, that while posting on Instagram you will have to post on your primary feed for this functionality to work. Another thing to note is that the feature will not work with all the photos or content you have already posted onto your Instagram account. It will only work the posts that you make after you have tweaked your settings in the steps shown above. Users can also upload photos using a Chrome extension on their Windows PC or Mac; however, photos uploaded using Chrome will not be reflected on Facebook automatically.

So that is how to make Instagram photos automatically post to Facebook. Do use the trick and gather a bunch of like from your friends and followers from both these platforms.

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