You need to stop users from using your HomePod as a speakerphone once they get to know that HomePod can be used as a speakerphone. People would love to enjoy this smart speaker by using AirPlay; you can disable such users, who want to transfer calls to HomePod or wish to use HomePod as a speakerphone. This tutorial involves a simple method to prevent anyone from using HomePod as a speakerphone.

By setting up a password for accessing speakerphone, you can say no to others, who are using your HomePod. During the process, you need to select a few options; you will have to decide who you want to prevent from connecting to your HomePod.

How to Prevent Anyone from Using HomePod as a Speakerphone

How to Stop Anyone from Transferring iPhone Call to HomePod

Step #1: Open the Home app and tap tiny arrow from the top left corner.

Step #2: Tap on Home Settings.

Step #3: Now, tap on your Home.

Step #4: Next tap on Allow Speaker Access and Select Require Password.

Everyone: Anyone within range of your HomePod can see and play with it.

Anyone On the Same Network: Anyone connected to your home Wi-Fi network can AirPlay to your HomePod.

Only People Sharing This Home: Only people that you invite to share control of your Home in the Home app can AirPlay to HomePod.

Require Password: To AirPlay to HomePod, users will need to enter a password.

If you set your speaker access to require a password, only the primary user can transfer phone calls to HomePod. However, as a primary user, you would love to use your HomePod as a speakerphone.

That’s all friends!

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